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10 HEALTHY EVENING HABITS – you need to try !

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let’s get cosy and chill out – my 10 healthy evening habits that have changed both my nighttime and mornings. say goodbye to stress, anxiety, tense bodies, and uninspired minds. it’s time to get our shit together and make the most out of our evenings !

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everything from simple stretching and getting inspired, to vegan skincare and falling asleep happy. i talk audio books, my favourite evening tea, the weird japanese exercise i love, cuddling with david, and a bunch of other super relaxing and healthy habits i normally do in the evening. let’s take a look !

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oh i can’t wait for the evening to begin now – i have so many cosy things i look forward to tonight. i’m listening to a great jo nesbo audio book, and i have a brand new scandi interior design magazine i bought in stockholm to get inspired by. plus my favourite brown rice bowl dinner and strawberries for dessert, what’s not to love ? hope you’re having a great one in front of you tonight too !

love // jenny


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Mastermind, Academic, Slot Guru, Travel Junkie, Lana Del Ray's Botox Injector. I make up a dream in my head before I go to bed.


  1. I am crazily in love with your tea cup! I searched all around the internet, but I couldn't find it. Can someone give me any clues where can I find it? Thank you in advance!

  2. After reading and cuddling, I would replace the audiobook against some music, or before.
    Great suggestions!!!!!from you.

  3. Just found your channel recently and I love it! I find your way of sharing minimalism to be non-judgemental but also not boring! I find that prepping my outfit for the next day, making sure the kitchen is clean and making lunch for the next day and then taking a well-deserved hot shower are the best ways for me to go to sleep. I know my morning will be easy-peasy and that I don't have to stress 🙂

  4. Love you! The recommendations are really helpful and not what it usually comes in such kind of videos, so thanks a lot for inspiration! 
    But I need help – no way I can go sleep in the evening before 2 am, no matter how tired I am. I tried almost everything – it does help! As a result, the life is ruining. If some of you have a pice of advice – please tell me!

  5. I cannot sleep unless somebody is talking softly around. Or somebody who's voice is familiar to me. I sleep to even Stephen Colbert actually for so many nights. Or listen to random stories from amazon or audiobooks n some kind of music

  6. I tried to look up about the Intern but it said there are no position openings currently. Did you already find someone?

  7. What was the korean t-shirt you were wearing to bed? I live in korea and I still can’t even find shirts with korean on them aha ❤️ love your vids

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