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10 life hacks with vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 beauty hacks of vaseline petroleum jelly

10 life hacks with vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 beauty hacks of vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 weird way to use vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 uses of vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 unique uses of vaseline petroleum jelly | 10 amazing skin care hacks of vaseline petroleum jelly
* 10 Vaseline petroleum jelly life hacks*

Vaseline has been around for decades, but what is it used for?

Beyond moisturizing your lips, this glossy salve is one of the iconic formulas that is probably there in your medicine cabinet. It is a multitasking cream, which is not meant to be used only as a lip balm, for burns, or to heal a diaper rash. From fixing squeaky doors to a shoe shiner, the petroleum jelly can be a go-to source for almost everything.

Here are our 11 favorite Vaseline life hacks hacks: With bonus 3 other life hacks

1. Lip Scrub:

2. Heals Cracked Feet:
Heals Cracked Feet Save

Vaseline is one of the best treatments to heal cracked feet and make your feet softer.

3. Cuticle Care:

Vaseline is an effective salve for protecting and repairing dry cuticles. It is also recommended for soft hands.
Massage Vaseline into the nail bed and fingernails before sleeping, and then wear a pair of gloves.

4. Prevents Chafing:

Vaseline is a great chafing prevention product that can help prevent windburns and chapping while running, especially in winters.
Apply a small amount of Vaseline to the areas that are prone to chafing to prevent further rashes or irritation.

5. Skin Highlighter:

A tiny dab of Vaseline on your cheekbones and brow bones can add a dewy touch to your look.
It is a super easy and budget-friendly way to get glowing skin.

6. Softens Elbows:

Rub some Vaseline on your dry and cracked elbows before sleeping to soften them.

7. Aids Earring Insertion:

If you don’t wear earrings regularly, inserting studs in your ears can be surprisingly painful. For an easier time, rub your earlobes with a bit of Vaseline, and then try inserting the studs. It’s the best pain-free method.

8. False Eyelash Remover:

Dip a cotton bud in Vaseline and then swab it onto the false lashes. Let the glue soften for some time, and then wash it off with warm water.

9. Prevents Lipstick Stains:

Rubbing some Vaseline on your teeth before wearing a bright lipstick will prevent the lipstick from sticking to the teeth.

10. Tames Eyebrows:

Get your rogue brows under control.
Slick some Vaseline on your brows and achieve a tidy look.

11. Opens Your Nail Polish Bottle With Ease:

rub some Vaseline around the neck of the nail polish bottle. It will prevent the build-up of nail polish over the neck of the bottle, and thus, will make it easy to open.

12. Makes Perfume Last Longer:

Before spritzing on perfume, apply some Vaseline over your neck and wrist. You’ll smell wonderful all day long.

13. Easy Eye Makeup Remover:

Just a few simple swipes of Vaseline can remove your eye makeup within seconds. Make sure you rinse it off immediately to avoid any irritation.

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