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10 Ways How To Know If A Woman Doesn’t Like You

In this video, Jeff from The Style O.G. discusses 10 ways how men can know a woman doesn’t like you. He talks about how men can know if they are in the friend zone.


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  1. #11 she tells you straight up. When she tells you she's not interested, that's not code for "chase me"

    Just move on, brother. Plenty fish in the sea.

  2. The one when she talks about her ex or other dudes: that's a big one. Men HATE that and women know it. If she's doing that she wants to make sure you're getting the signal crystal clear.

  3. Everything you said was right on brotha! Plus, the more you ignore her, the more she'll come looking for you. Thankfully I'm happily married so…

  4. When you say "hi" from across the way to a woman and she doesn't come over to you to talk. That's for sure sign that she's really not that interested in you.

  5. 1st off: this suit combo kills for summer, nice look brutha. 2nd, vid is 100% real talk. Been with my lady 13 years, this stuff true even now. Thanks!

  6. State your intention when you start dating. Tell her you are not here as a friend, or but as a man to a woman. She will find this refreshingly honest and take it from there.

  7. I invited a girl over to cook for her, and she said yes, and she looked like she put thought into her outfit. She talked about exes, but only in the context of other stories, not actually telling stories about her exes. She’s not very touchy, but she’s also very introverted. She straight up told me I’d be a good comedian so I’ve got the funny down. And I know this is a turnoff for some guys, but she’s super into star signs, and when she eventually asked what mine was, she said “that’s why I like you.” Am I in, or am I out? Advice from any gents is appreciated.

  8. Great video O.G!! But for me, the best way is to be an Alpha male from the jump, What I mean by that is when I meet a lady I'm interested in I let her know up front that I want to get to know her on a personal level so if we are ever together she knows I'm after her. With my girlfriend I knew I have to come correct and let her know I wanted her, It been almost three years now. And all is good. Just be an Alpha Male, and you won't have to look for ways she doesn't like you. On a side note, I'm about to start posting videos myself on dating and being a better overall Man, everyone I know says I should post because I just give advice for free. Sorry this went way too long just keep posting OG God bless!!

  9. If she ask you to bring her lunch instead of asking you out for lunch, you’re in the friend zone lol

  10. Great video O.G. One tip that I learned at University is that instead of bugging her for her phone number, test to see how much of an effort will she make to keep in contact with you. I think a nice followup video would be what to do when you sense that she is not feeling the same way. In the words of Nelson Mandela when he was released after 27 years in prison #Salute

  11. Great video, Jeff. Here's a sign #11. If she hits you in the face with a pie, it's probably a sign she doesn't like you. Or maybe, it means she has a great sense of humor 🙂

  12. Never, ever do "Friend Zones". Once you realize you're in one, bounce immediately. Friend Zones cost you time and sometimes money. Don't waste either for no woman.

  13. No disrespect to your channel OG. But the aforementioned should be a no-brainer, unless of course you're dealing with a no-brainer. No disrespect to your female subscribers; but on the real, if a dude is still sweating some chick after these warning signs, dude deserves what is coming to him, rejection.
    I firmly believe in the words of Jay-Z
    "If you don't feel me then fine it cost you nothing pay me no mind"
    F dat chick.

    "He who does not feel me is not real to me therefore he doesn't exist so poof, bad move son of a….."
    "I'm a pimp by blood, no relation
    I don't chase em, I replace em."

    I hate seeing dudes begging a female for play. Shit is sad and disgusting.

  14. Classic shit

    Kay Slay]
    I gotta tell you like my dog told me
    When you meet a chick, you gotsta straight slap her

    Slap her?

    [Kay Slay]
    Yeah, when you first meet her, just slap her

    Off the bat?

    [Kay Slay]
    Off the bat, just backhand her

    Why's that, though?

    [Kay Slay]
    Cause later on down the line
    You ain't never gotsta to worry about
    That chick telling you —
    "Cam, you don't treat me the way you used to"

  15. You should do a video on what to do if placed in the "friend zone". How to conduct yourself, what you should/ should not do or tolerate.

  16. **I think you can put yourself in the friend zone by being too nice at first. They're wired for worry so the stable 100% reliable guy doesn't stimulate them. Be gentle and smooth about it, but make her worry, wait, and wonder what you're doing SOMETIMES. Also no woman wants what no other woman wants. The completely available guy will always be viewed as flawed and just a friend.**

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