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12 Psychology Tricks to Persuade Anyone

This video will show you how to persuade anyone with 12 simple psychology tricks.

Music: “Straight” from Bensound.com

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  1. Great video! I love the social proof point. Many people tend to want to agree with everyone else to feel accepted by others even at the cost of their own happiness.

  2. Hello, I have a business proposal for you, but I can't get to your email. How can I contact you 🙂 Great content!

  3. Bullshit 😉 worth exactly nothing, for a very simple reason: chances are pretty good that your counterpart, the one you want to persuade, knows this too! So, if this is the case and your counterpart smells your strategy – you thinking, that you're very clever – he/she would rather clear whatever you say from your psycho-BS, objectively double-check your argument and put you in the box for sociopaths and psychopaths – you know, for the ones considering themselves as the next level of psycho-evolution … 😉

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