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14 Odd Ways of Life the Ancient Egyptians Practiced

We often think that we are completely different from ancient people, but archaeology shows that we are quite wrong. Here is a list of 14 unbelievable facts about the life of ancient Egyptians.

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  1. Riddle:which island would be the biggest if australia wasn't discovered?
    Ans:Australia,not being discovered doesnt mean it don't exist!

  2. No offends. SUMERIAN created tablets for carving texts long before Egypt was. They had a family sign on every "book". So THEY invented written language. Egyptian language is more similar to arabic and Hieroglyphs are for Kings family only. In Sumerian culture there was judgement BEFORE Egypt even existed. Nice try, this video.

  3. you have only 3 seasons ha ha ha! here our Bangladesh has 6seasons. you are un lucky! we have summer rainy autumn late autumn winter spring

  4. Btw the egyptians had human brains from the ways how they embalmed the body
    first they removed the brain as they poured boiling water trough the deadman's nose and it melted his brain (litteraly) and i guess that is where it came from?

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