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22 Best Computer Tricks to Make Your Life Easier

How to Save Energy and Data on Your Computer. Sometimes we all lose tons of work on our computers because they die unexpectedly or some weird text pops up. If you’ve ever been in situations like these, we know the frustration they can evoke. Here are some quick and easy computer tips that’ll save your time, energy, data, and nerves. We divided the tips into Internet tricks, social media hacks, working with documents, and shortcuts categories.
You’ll find out how to reopen an important tab, how to save a web page as PDF, how to find a specific book or website in Google, how to convert currency easily and some other useful Internet tips. You’ll make your social media experience better as you find out how to save a Facebook page and use Twitter more efficiently. Those who work in Word often will also love to know how to save an open Word file super fast, how to undo or repeat your previous action and many other tricks.

Internet tricks:
How to reopen an important tab 1:18
How to restore the address you need 1:40
How to save a web page as PDF 1:54
How to find a specific book or website in Google 2:21
How to find out the time in any city around the world 3:08
How to convert currency easily 3:23
How to use Google as a calculator 3:41
How to use Google as dictionary 4:06
Social media tricks:
How to make longer tweets 4:47
How to save a Facebook page 5:16
How to send an e-mail to anyone in the world 5:34
Working with documents:
How to find a lost document 6:09
How to change the font size in Word 6:38
How to save an open Word file super fast 7:05
How to avoid consequences of pressing the wrong button 7:19
How to repeat your previous action 7:45
How to edit your docs from any device 8:03
Shortcut Keys for Windows 8:43
Shortcut Keys for macOS 9:18
How to locate a deleted page 10:15
How to delete a Facebook account in the event of the user’s death 10:51
What are the little bumps on the “F” and “J” keys on your keyboard for? 11:15


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  1. I have one!: If you wanna go through your tabs, press CTRL, SHIFT and TAB, i use it all the time really, (This only works with window people,)

  2. Windows key and E opens Windows Explorer, not Internet Explorer. At least it does in Windows 10.

    I knew most of these, hehe. xD
    Control S for saving, you didn't mention that, that is VERY useful!

  3. Windows 8, and 10 (7 too I think)
    hit the Windows LOGO key type what you need*(Sometimes you won't see what you type) type (without quotes) "notepad" and you will see an instant link to it – Windows Key + D = Show desktop –

    *try words with WINDOWS KEY and type words like keyboard , or "control panel" or "add & remove Programs" , or calculator , or solitaire , or things like "Weather 90210" to get weather in that area, PAINT, or PAINT 3D.

    there are a lot more try simply typing the first 4-6 letters to get suggestions

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