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It’s so easy to learn while playing. Colorful games and awesome life hacks for kids are there to help you grow and develop while playing and having fun. Today, we collected a lot of cool and bright crafts and ideas for kids. Watch and enjoy. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments, which idea you liked most of all.

Development book is a very cool idea for a little kid. It doesn’t take so much space and you can make it yourself. It tells a whole story, teaching a kid basic concepts. Try and see – it it an amazing invention for parents.

If you have a lot of LEGO at home, you can make many cool and useful crafts using it. For example, a lamp, a key holder, a chess board, a photo frame, even a world map and what not!

Pasta is a very cool material for entertaining kids. Learn to count with spaghetti, you kid will love it! This task takes a lot of concentration and it it also good for developing fine motor skills.

Learning colors is always easier when you add up a little bit of game into it. You can make color matching popsicles, cards, or take a handful of clothespins and make an art palette with matching “brushes” made of clothespins.

Lemon juice is invisible ink for secret notes. All you have to do in order to reveal secret scriptures is to hold it above the candle.

There’s a lot of cool stationery ideas that we’ve prepared for you – you can make a cool pencilcase following our tutorial, or you can make a Mignon stationery holder. An old umbrella can become a cool backpack.

Watch this video up to the end to learn some cool fingerpainting ideas.


0:53 – Patterns made with candy
2:25 – Pasta threading activity for toddlers
5:06 – Mignon stationery holder
9:50 – Origami butterflies

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