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28 Signs You are Not Weird, You’re Just An HSP

28 Signs You are Not Weird, You’re Just An HSP. Get more cool stuff here
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In this video, I’m going to share some with you 28 signs you are not weird, you’re just an HSP. So, if you find this information is helpful to you, make sure to like this video and subscribe to this channel so you won’t miss any of our interesting updates in the future!

Highly sensitive persons are classified as people who have higher intensity of emotions. If you’re an HSP, you may often find your heart on your sleeve, easily overwhelmed, and sometimes have a hard time controlling your intense emotions…

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  1. I'm really failing to see the benefit of being an HSP empath, INFJ personailty type. I absorb the unlimited negative energy around me from people and places and take it as my own. Additionally, I constantly want to fix those negative energies even though you can't. Entering a relationship at all is almost impossible b/c you can't date someone you don't have a deep connection with. The pending heartbreak of a failed relationship is even scarier. Now if I had psychic powers then I could at least start a home business and not have to deal with all these lying assholes, lol!

  2. It seems like the only one that doesn't apply to me is #16, I need coffee to get all the work done. For #26, the worst thing in the world to me is being watched by my boss at work. I feel like I'm being so scrutinized and judged that I almost can't breathe, but I have to go on & pretend nothing is bothering me. One of the most awkward feelings I've experienced.

    I don't know if it's common for HSP's to have misophenia (the disgust of people's eating sounds or other human sounds). But I've had the most instant disgust & annoyance from my dad's eating sounds that I've been eating in a separate room since middle school. Otherwise, my blood-pressure spikes & my mood instantly gets worse.

  3. Yeah, about 24 of these are me…not the points about alcohol and loud music, though…because i feel music so strongly, sometimes i can't have it loud enough to simply have nothing else but that in my awareness.

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