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3 Eyeliner Looks To Flaunt This Year – POPxo Beauty

Truth be told, a swipe of eyeliner can make a big difference to your look. It can lend your eyes definition and also add more dimension to your face. Apply it correctly and you will be a star on Instagram. If not, it may just be disastrous. How many of you wanted to create perfectly lined eyes but ended up looking like a panda instead? We often end up looking like a panda while trying to do something new with an eyeliner. While applying an eyeliner is something basic, experimenting with eyeliner can sometimes be tricky.
POPxo’s Senior Stylist Upalina helps you and tells you the 5 ways different eyeliner looks that you can try at home and flaunt this season to just look your best and attract attention towards your eyes. Watch this video to see the different kind of eyeliner styles you could try this year.

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  1. Eyeliner doesn't suit u Upalina bcaz ur eye bags are too big…… don't take it as a mean comment, it's just my opinion!

  2. Can you please do a video on how to remove unwanted hair from hands….diy home methods…looking superb Upalina

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