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4 Cool Ways To Wear Chukkas EVERY Guy Should Try!

Check out ALL these AMAZING boots!

Special alpha m. thank you to Thursday Boots for sending me all these badass chukkas and for sponsoring this great video!

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No other fall footwear option has taken the world, men’s style, your feet by storm than the chukka boot. In this video men’s style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, Pete & Pedro, and Fashion Anchor is showing how insanely versitle chukkas are — and how to wear them.

What Are Chukkas?
Chukkas are an ankle boot with 2-3 eyelets and laces. The chukka always has a lacing system, tongue, and with different options. In comparison, Chelsea boot has a clean aesthetic with elastic instead of laces. Thursday chukkas are great all weather boot with a rubberized sole and stitching. Thursday Boots also have impressive attention to detail including the stitching which is an indicator of higher quality. The price point for the quality of Thursday Boots is awesome!

Chukkas Styled for Autumn Wear
1. Suede light tan chukkas, medium wash distressed jeans, fun belt, and white Henley
2. Khakis or chinos, simple belt, clean light blue oxford, denim jacket – or – Navy sports coat, khakis or chinos, simple belt, clean light blue oxford
3. Brown suede chukkas, dark wash jeans, light weight tan v-neck sweater, fabric belt with a cool buckle
4. Black chukkas, medium wash jeans, medium wash jeans, simple white v-neck, fabric belt, dynamite leather jacket

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  1. The Thursday Boot scout chukkas do not actually have a Goodyear welt. It looks more like a blake stitch. The dukes and the other more expensive boot options however, are Goodyear. Just thought I'd let you know.

  2. Thursday boot company makes me sad because I have big feet and they don't make boots my size. Anyone know of any comparison boots that go up to a size 15 men's US?

  3. If you're not wearing cowboy boots, motorcycle boots, combat boots, or work boots … then you're a metrosexual beta-male cuck.

  4. If the boots you're wearing have the same name as Shrillary Clinton's daughter, then chances are you're a beta male cuck.

  5. Hey Alpha, I got my first pair of Chukka boots today (Clarks), the only problem is that the tongue digs into my ankle. Do you have any tips on fixing this?

  6. Chukka boots make your feet look longer, which is okay if you have smaller feet, but not if you sport a size 12 or 13. Chelsea boots have a much cleaner look.

  7. What your doing is great, full of great ideas. The one thing that I'm always left saying is, " where did he find that sweater or jeans. The belts seen them here, shoes sometime here. This was a total great look that I would like to have. Would it be to much to ask if give tips on maybe where to find all that is worn in posts such as this. Keep killin it!!!

  8. Bought my first pair of chukkas for $30 on sale that were originally $70. Never owned chukkas before so excited to see how they turn out.

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