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5 Makeup Tips & Tricks with Plixxo Influencer Aanam from WhatWhen Wear – POPxo Beauty

Your favourite Plixxo Super Blogger, Aanam Chashmawala (@whatwhenwear) is here! She is playing the role of a beauty guru for you today! Add these tips and tricks to your daily makeup routine to get that flawless look you’ve always wanted, just right! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a pro, some tips and hacks always come in handy. It is always smart to get your money’s worth by using the same product in multiple ways.
Here are 5 makeup tips and tricks that will make sure you look your best at all times!

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  1. Can u plz make a blind folded makeup challenge between Roshni and Upalina……How many of u agreed?

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