5 NEW LIFE HACKS! vol. 2 (man in the moon selfie)

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today we talk about another 5 life hacks! do you have any life hacks to share, let us know in the comments. this video was a lot of fun to shoot as you can tell from our amazement at many of the hacks. except the last one which david didn’t understand at all, haha!

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other than that, we just want to wish you a good start to the day really.

or like we say in sweden, GOD MORGON !

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  1. you can LITERALLY just grab the green stuff with your fingers and tear it off of the strawberries… it is not like glued to it… it is the easiest thing ever. Such a pet peeve…:D

  2. Water has to be reaally cold to work (what i have noticed) but it actually works for nail polish.
    And try to remove stems from strawberries with a tiny spoon. Works so well! And i know. I come from damn strawberries farming-family. :DD

  3. Hey, just to say this video didn't appear in my subscriptions. You might want to ask people to check they are subscribed as I was definitely subscribed to this channel. Lovely video by the way; the moon photos were hilarious.

  4. My life hacks : Are you always misplacing your phone/wallet/keys? Put them in your shoes when you take them off at home, also a safe place for your glasses. Remember to put them in the 'other' shoe, the one you put on second so that when you pick up the shoe you feel your items.
    Second life hack, use the hold system at the public library to get books you want and the library will contact you when you holds are ready.
    BTW, the cherry tomato thing does work, I've done it a few times. you really should get those square lids that sort of 'lock' into each other. A really sharp chefs knife would also be useful. That was a cheese knife BTW, not for vegetables IMO.

  5. The cherry tomato trick does work though, I do it all the time! You have to use smaller lids that have a lip and a serrated knife

  6. Hahaha this video made me laugh, very funny 😀 thank you. The moon photos were sooo weird 🙂 Mindful greetings, Simple Happy Zen

  7. I really liked the DIY speakers 😉 but I don't get the secret note hack 🙁 can we see a photo or sth like before and after?

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