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5 Quick Measuring Hacks Part 2 – Woodworking Tips and Tricks

This week we review 5 more life hacks to help you measure.
Measuring and Marking are a big part of woodworking projects and pencils, rulers, squares, tape measure, measuring tips, marking gauges and marking knives can make the job easier and more accurate.

5 Quick Measuring Hacks Part 1:
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5 Woodworking Tips for the Table Saw:

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  1. I wish YT changed their plan to incentivize makers back to project videos. Currently across the platform it’s quantity (short, fast, easy production) over quality ( details, longer, more complex projects).

    Each of these hacks could be demonstrated while actually using them on a project. Seeing them in context is even a better teaching method. I’m not bemoaning these as much as missing watching you make something.

  2. A knife seems to follow grain at get off line sometimes. I like the combo square with the hole drilled in it. That square with the nails is ingenious. Thanks

  3. Great tips once again Colin! I liked putting "Tape" on a "Tape" Measure to write stuff down. You should really write a little booklet with all of these hacks/tips………….. 🙂

  4. Another good hack on. Your Stanley tape measure if you peel the top Layer of the round sticker off and clean the logo off with lacquer thinner or ? A white smooth surface. Remains and you can use that as a writing pad for measurements and notes Etc if you use a pencil It will often just wipe off with the natural oils of your fingers. To give you a. Clean surface to write more things again we used this for running trim. Since. You always. Have your tape measure in your hand anyway. FastCap sells. Their own. Tapes with that feature or you can buy a plain white sticker to go over. The logo on other brands from them as well I personally like the FastCap. Tape measures better than most other brands As they have a built in pencil sharpener and have white Background. Tapes i find are easiest to see with my eyes plus the price and quality i always found to be Excellent compared to all the other brands available ! Note i am not affiliated in any way to the company other than they specialize. and accessories. Geared towards a professional woodworker And I found that some of their tools ;Iike scribes and gadgets. Were nice to use I had a crew of 40 men and women. That liked their products as well for covienences to the crew i would stock up on many of the products and sell them at cost. To the crew whenever they needed it. The scribes and tapes i bought by the cases. When i placed a order ?

  5. A tip for marking on dark woods: I draw a wide line first with white chalk and then make the exact line with a pencil over the the white chalk line.

  6. My tips and tricks arsenal is getting bigger by the week 🙂 I just love these quick tip videos…Colin, in the video you showed that white "China Marker" pencil….It seemed to have a bit of a chalk appearance to me on the video..Is that correct ?

  7. Some great tricks Colin.  You have shown so many that I cant remember them all.  I love the one about the 1 inch hole on the tri-square and the tape on the measuring tape to take notes.  I am forever looking for something to write on when I take the measurements .  Thanks for the great ideas.    Tim

  8. If you you us a tape measure , some strong tape , a pencil and bull dog clip …
    the strong tape to hold the bull dog clip to the tape measure, then put your pencil in the clip .
    As you mark you can make as you cam measure.

  9. Thks for show us that NOT Always everything got right in the first time. I saw you with a little trouble with the circle with the square… I really appreciate your jobs, Thanks you Sir.


  10. Great tips Colin ! the one with the memo stuck to the tape measure is very handy !
    Cheers, Bram

  11. You could use the square and the two nails to find the center as well, right? Thank you for posting these things!!! I love how i can feel things connecting in my brain. So many possibilities and future ideas ahead i can base on this!

  12. Places pencil in the marker cup right after he says which is which haha. I do that all the time too despite my best intentions to stay organized.

  13. Well, needless to say you blew me away with the circle to! How awesome is that??? Your other tips were great too Colin. I enjoy so much your channel. Thank you for helping me learn more and more so I can be a better woodworker!

  14. Dear Collin Carnett, using a marker is a STUPID idea because the ink gets absorbed by the wood and is much more difficult to be removed later by sanding than a pencil mark.

  15. I loved the combination square/pencil trick, I can't believe I didn't think of the tape on the tape tip, but the drawing a circle with 2 nails and a square hack – that sir, is nothing less brilliant! I bow low to your brilliance. (I realize everyone with a phd in differential geometry is probably laughing at me, but so be it!)

  16. Great tips. I use pencils and marks a lot on projects and will start to remember tape next time I need to mark "good" wood. I can see the blade of my Tri-square meeting Mr. Drill bit today. That is a really good tip.

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