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5 Simple Ways to Look Younger…or Older | Men’s Style and Grooming Tricks

When you start to care about your style and grooming, something cool happens: you realize that you can actually control your appearance and manipulate how people perceive you – without even talking to them.

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Want to look taller? The right style choices can do that for you. Want to look more mature? A couple of thoughtful grooming tweaks will help. In this video, I want to reveal five simple things you can do to look younger than you are.

Obviously, this is for my older viewers, or anyone who might look a bit older for their age. But if you’re a younger guy, don’t stop watching. Here’s the thing: you can do the opposite of these techniques to look older. So pay attention!

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  1. I need to do all 5 to look younger, lol.

    I have gray hair, a full beard, lot of gray in my wardrobe, still working on more fitted clothing and I wear glasses (near sighted, need them at all times).

    I still have a pretty full head of hair (in my mid 30s), so at least I have that going for me.

  2. As always great tips to look younger. I have discovered laughter keeps is one of the best way to look younger. Just even a smile will do the job sometimes.

  3. my tip: take care of your teeth and whiten them off and on. nice teeth brighten up your whole face regardless of your age.

  4. I have noticed that most frquently you wear brown shoes with blue clorhes, specially suits. And quite light ones. My prefernce with blue suits is dark or black shoes. What do you think about that?

  5. I think trying to look "older" or more mature has it's place as well. Specially for the young professional who wants to be taken seriously. If I have short haircut and a clean shave I tend to look quite young. So for my last interview as a consultant I actually went with glasses and a little well groomed beard and a good suit of course. It did the job.

  6. I have been a fan of the Braun razor since my 2nd year of college.
    Id totally invest in one & see if you notice a difference.

  7. Can't believe you're in your 30s! I always thought you were just in your 20s (take it as a compliment). Also congrats on growing the channel so fast. Always looking forward to your content.

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