5D DIY Diamond Painting-inventory of PWD and a RANT

PWD has failed for the 5th time in a row. I am ranting in this video.

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  1. Oh my word …. how disappointing. I have yet to start my first diamond painting ….. still waiting for them to arrive. They were ordered beginning of April with estimated delivery on 02 June (China to South Africa)! I will be truly peeved if there are diamonds missing when I eventually get them. On a lighter note, thank you for your wonderful videos. You get straight to the point and your explanations and tips are easy to follow. Thanks to you, by the time I receive my first kits I will be well on my way on how best to get started! Take care.

  2. I would be more then pissed hun u have had such shitty luck with that store hope they sort it. Ive just ordered 4 from ever moments x

  3. I completely understand your frustration. What has been the issue with PWD sending missing diamonds and rectifying the situation? Do they send them in a timely manner? Or you just don't want to take the chance? I commend you MAKING your gifts for people. I love handmade gifts and I do that too. I hope that this gets resolved for you. Please update how and IF this is resolved.

  4. I received the 1 and only order from PWD. They are recommended by so many. It was a picture I really liked. Paid more then I would with Amazon. Missing 1 color sent a wrong color. Just like on your first kit. I won't ever order from them again either. There are just too many places to order from. I won't give them another try.

  5. I don’t blame you for being peeved Ella. I am dealing with an order that I was supposed to get from 5ddiamondpainting.com I was supposed to receive the Lovely Penguin DP 2 months ago. I ordered 4 DP’s from them. Received 3 out of 4 and 1 I received was missing diamonds. Still waiting for tracking number. Ended up buying the Lovely Penguin DP from another company. Numerous emails and still not resolved. I also received a large Thor DP from another company and they folded the canvas. It had bubbling in one section and I can’t read the symbols. They wouldn’t give me a refund. I ended up buying a smaller version of the DP, so I just hope it’s not ruined again. Sorry for my rant. Needed to vent my frustration. I recently ordered a DP from Ever Moment. No complaints there. Beautiful and careful packaging. Very impressed with them.

  6. Sorry who is this from what company did you get this from I'm absolutely gobsmacked in what I'm saying

  7. I'm in total agreement with you I think you've got every right to be f*** off excuse my language you buy these products thinking that everything is going to be there and then you go for it and half it's not there well I hope you put a massive complaint in to the company and I hope you get it resolved

  8. realy do enjoy your videos.   how do you tell them that there is a problem with one of their kits  the diamonds do not match with their  sheets  all the time.thank you     harriet

  9. That's shame you had bad buy from paintwith diamond.com. I just received my big 65 by 85 painting today and square beads, all my beads are here no damage no split bags and canvas is not creased and it only took couple weeks to arrive to UK

  10. why are you bothering if you dont get any success how many times before you get it. i'd have given up on two goes.

  11. It was very generous of you to give them so many chances. I hope eventually you get good customer service and the missing pieces and replacements they owe you. I liked the way you compared it to ordering a meal in a restaurant and having it arrive to your table incomplete. Excellent analogy – so true!

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