6 Minutes to Boost Your Self-Confidence Forever… (Rooftop Rant)

This is It.

At the core of human experience, there is an intangible quality that we can’t put words to, but we are constantly searching for.

We’re looking for “It.”

The It.

The underlying current of something-ness that precedes and supersedes all other causes. You can’t explain exactly what It is, but you remember intimately from archived memory the feeling of being connected to it since before you were born.

The It is outside of the day-to-day humdrum, the electric bill and what’s on TV tonight. Outside of your career or business. Outside of the relationships you have, the tragedies in your life or the things that keep you up at night.

The feeling of the cold morning air in your lungs or the sun on your face. The sensation of running your hand through the salty ocean or fresh clumps of grass sprouting up through your toes on a spring day.

This is It.

The very fact that you’re here is It.

The distinct marvel of your existence is It.

The fact that you *can* experience is It.

The reality that you’re not just a physical body, but also a perspective of experience momentarily illuminated by consciousness.

This is It.

We hide from the “It” and cover it up with distractions, relationships and “work” because we don’t always want to be confronted with the bigness of the situation.

Like staring into the sun, sometimes just being alive is so intense that it hurts — so we have to look away from It.

We go about our lives feeling separate from the world. Sometimes, we feel like aliens on a strange planet trying to learn the rules, constantly coming up short.

But we are not any more separate from the world than a tree from the ground. We don’t just arrive here. We sprouted from here.

We are not an addition to the universe, we are an integral part of the very same — and the reason we cannot see it is the same reason that a fish cannot see it is wet.

This is It.

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  1. But Daniel – you must realize where that wind and sun came from and who created you. It's only then that you can realize that within yourself is your creator who wants to lead you on a path to greatness that He has designed just for you.

  2. Damn homie it looked like you were about to drop a mad mixtape in the beginning. I agree, we have all of the answers, all we need on the inside.

  3. I'm on your email list, and I read the email that is the description of this video in class a week or two ago. It hit me so profoundly I had to walk outside to process it. What you said in this video and the email has fundamentally shifted my mindset and life, and I can't thank you enough for it.

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