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In a complex, ever-changing industry and regardless how many algorithm updates are churned out, we’ll prove time and again that we what it takes to stay on top of the SEO game using these techniques:

> Contextual linkbuilding
> Long-tail keyword research
> Development of SEO-compliant websites

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so ditto for a good quality site that’s been search engine optimized. Quality SEO takes time, but we will do our best to provide authoritative traffic increases, with gratifying results guaranteed each month with our affordable SEO reseller packages.

Game Plan

1. Project Analysis
Analyze your existing products and services
Identify current SEO standings
Define target audience and business demographics
Perform market research and concise SWOT analysis

2. Formulate Game Plan
Perform keyword research and set targets
One-time analysis and report
Locate feasible advertising sites and local listing
Deliver custom SEO link building work plan/flow

3. SEO Implementation
Select link building tools
Customize link strategy and opportunities
Acquiring valuable link resources
Increase social media presence and optimize properties

4. Monthly Client Review & Reporting
Provide on-page and off-page report
Provide social media presence and optimization report
Identify increase of fans, followers, and traffic

Case Studies

> Maple Office Furniture
About the client: Maple Office Furniture is a newcomer to the World Wide Web, as this is the first time the family-owned business decided to set up their own website.
Challenge: This office furniture company sought after more traffic from competitive keywords.
Solution: Working closely with the client, we were able to set reasonable targets in terms of keyword rankings and traffic.
Results: Our organic SEO methods proved to be what the doctor ordered as we managed to help our client achieve page 1 ranking for their primary keywords!


> Clear Water Residence Suites
About the Client: Clear Water Residence Suites has just revamped their website and was looking forward to enjoy torrential online leads
Challenge: This client needed web leads to help fill up their 400 unit housing units.
Solution: The first thing we did was on-page optimization for their new site and further improved its visibility on the WWW.
Results: We sent a truckload of organic traffic (a threefold increase!) over a 3-month period using Google Places, link building, and on-site optimization. This resulted in 1st page placement for the client’s target keywords and numerous qualified leads.


> Rev Software Company
About the Client: Rev Software Company has been in operation since 1999 and provides quality educational software.
Challenge: For this established website, we were tasked with improving the client’s position on highly competitive terms.
Solution: We infused their site and embellished their reputation with quality content and natural links.
Results: 3 out 5 primary keywords made it into the first page of Google’s results


> Baltimore Dental & Oral Health Services
About the Client: The client pride themselves on integrity in all dealings with patients, each other and all people associated with the business.
Challenge: We were hired to craft an online marketing message that reflects and reinforces that quality of approach.
Solution: Using our detailed SEO strategy and capitalizing on our online networking resource, we increased awareness for their dental services. We also reinforced the message by adding useful content, valued by both organic visitors and search engines.
Results: We achieved rankings on many new keywords and immediately set the benchmark for Baltimore Dental & Oral Health Services’ SEO success. Out of 10 new keywords targeted, 8 arrived at the coveted first page of major search engines. This caused an influx of walk-in patients and the dentist’s bottom line.


> Mark Keys Real Estate
About the Client: In a bid to jump onto the bandwagon, Mark Keys Real Estate wanted to capitalize on web marketing to increase their online leads.
Challenge: With no prior SEO work done, this local real estate shop needed to increase real estate agent visibility.
Solution: We launched a local SEO campaign to boost their rankings for target keywords.
Results: Not only did we increase visibility, we also helped realtor website-driven sales and sent a steady stream of qualified real estate leads from buyers and sellers. Organic search traffic to their website increased over 60%. Our ongoing campaign ensures they stay in first page for competitive keywords with more real estate sellers and buyers contacting them daily.


Why Us?
We send juicy, merit-based links from trusted and authoritative web sites your way!
FULL TRANSPARENCY with detailed reports provided monthly
We offer a variety of affordable link building packages to meet your marketing and budgetary needs.
Our SEO packages are multi-faceted and include tireless research, insightful content and creative on-page optimization techniques.
In-house SEO team has decades of combined experience with team credentials including Search Engine Workshop certifications; Google Adwords certifications and Yahoo! certifications.
Links cultivated through our linkbuilding services are more powerful and of higher quality (whitehat only!) than our competitors – there is simply no comparison.


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