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6g Pipe Welding Test Monster Coupon 7018

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This video is about the stick welding portion of the 6g welding test with a monster coupon.
I worked with instructor Kyle Lockwood -GA trade school.
I tried to show different body positions and methods because there are many ways to go about a 6g stick welding test.
The monster coupon is becoming more and more popular with welding employers because it provides a broader range of welding qualifications than most other standard wall thickness 6g pipe welding tests.

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  1. sir i have a question :- can i use gas welding filler rod as a filler rod to tig welding for carbon steel, here 2 thing are same and 1 diff ie; filler rod and materiel to be welded but only welding machine is change, pleas let me know

  2. Some WPS will only let you weld in the field with the hand you test with, at Hobart they suggested learning to weld one side right and one side left to certify both of your hands. Small details like this can trickle down as to who gets hired. When I started in a factory people would pick fun at me for bending my rod. I would just smile knowing that they had always been flatlanders and never welded small diameter pipe!

  3. you can knock some flux little over mid way and hold it there with the stinger and run a bead from bottom to top

  4. I had a mettallurgy professor from India, and I loved to hear him say "butter the base metal" lol.
    Remember to have fun!

  5. I find some advantage to running my first 2 beads for each layer on the toe lines so your tie into the base metal is more of a lock, it is always easier to tie into previously deposited filler metal than base metal. You don't want squeezed out on a tie in and a crown is easier to deal with in the middle. Try propping on hand on top of pipe and welding with just one hand when going around a radius that small the hand that steadies you can be the hand that ties you up. Practice until you find what works for you!

  6. YOU'RE AWESOME!!!!!!…….Thanks so much for your time and effort. I've made 2 videos so far and it takes SO MUCH TIME TO EDIT!!!!!  I've helped build power plants here in Vegas … 4 over 2  Natural gas HRSGs and the welding process is so cool ….. from prep, to welding, to cooling the weld. etc. Thanks again!!!~ GBYAY!!!

  7. Stopping all your passes in the same spot is a good way to get porosity, most tests I have been involved with require a 6010 5p root.

  8. I work with a old nuke house welder that would weld that 3/32 at 130 and have the rod half burnt start to droop out of the holder.old jimmy Mcvay is a slick man though

  9. Great stuff Jody! if folks are serious about passing these tests,, this is gold. Funny how clear lense lasts longer now that I'm bit older…. lol

  10. Helped me pass my first test with dual shield flux core. This guy is truly an inspiration. Amazing welder.

  11. That Northern Tool utility blower is pure freakin' genius! Add the hose, and who needs a fume extractor!

  12. Is it wise to have all your starts and stops in that same place? Or does it not make any real difference?

  13. Like one of my instructor said to me once '''Old your stinger like you old your beer'', after that comment learning pipe welding became so much easier.

  14. Love your videos. My son just recently graduated from Georgia Trade School. Kyle is an amazing welder.

  15. Are the gas cylinders safely secured where you do the outdoor demo (5 min mark)? From our viewpoint they appear to be freestanding. Separately, your welding videos are amazing and I have learned much. Keep up the good work!

  16. about that thumbnail, i know your just goin to burn through it ,but isnt it bad to have your starts and stops line up like that?
    i guess if the pipe is in a fixed position you couldnt necessarily make them anywhere else.

  17. Awe man, just got my stubby bundle in today, can’t wait to try it out tomorrow on some 2”! Thanks for the 2%Lanthanated sticks, been wanting to try it out, got some on the way next week! And a little shout out to Tulsa Houston campus and the BA instructors

  18. A lot of Boilermakers would coathanger their rod and go from 6 to 12 in one rod, and maintain rod position throughout the test.

  19. I am a welder here in Brazil and here the situation of our country is getting difficult because we are ruled by Corrupted Bandits, who exploit us daily, I only need a job opportunity there in the United States, I am a very professional and responsible person. I jobng the processes mig mag tig and coated electrode, help me in some precise way only an opportunity, I do not speak English fluently but I am a great admirer of his work and his skill with welding, that the God illuminate his Way and a big hug

  20. The best advice I can give on the stick is: use 3/32 less porosity, don’t weave your stringers, stagger your start n stops, and before you start find your finish point and then bend as far as you can comfortably to start and you should resurface to you finish point… everybody has there on techniques that’s the beauty of welding

  21. This is one of the best of your videos and I like your last comment. Do it right so you can go out and support your family. Thanks.

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