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7 Recycling Ideas for Kids|Best Toys Out of Waste

Slime Sam and his pet human Sue don’t let anything go to waste! They love the Earth and try to recycle everything they can by making easy crafts for kids (and slimes!). Take the waste and turn it into a beautiful artwork or gift or your desk decor!
If you always wondered how to recycle or how to make cheap crafts this compilation is definitely for you!
Plastic bottle life hacks, baking crayons, turning old to new and so much more!

0:10 – Sam the Great Artist and BROKEN CRAYONS
6:39 – BROOM NIGHTMARE Slick Slime Sam
11:39 – CANDY SHOWCASE for Slick Slime Sam
17:21 – Slick Slime Sam Befriends a FUNNY SOCK BUNNY
21:54 – UNBEARABLE CANDY BAG and Slick Slime Sam
26:46 – Slick Slime Sam Makes MAGIC MAGNET TRAIN
31:07 – MINI PARTY CANNON for Slick Slime Sam

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