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7 Things Girls with Long Nails Experience

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In this video, I talk about some of the constant struggles I have with my long, fake, acrylic nails. Truly such a struggle.

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17 years old

This video was shot with a Canon 70D w/ 18-55mm lens
This video was edited with Final Cut Pro

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  2. I got long ass nails and like the first week I had them I one time cried cause I couldn’t get anything done, and now I love them

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  4. OMG ok when I text or just type anything on my phone or iPad and my bf is there he gets so triggered he really hates it XD

  5. I dropped my gift card in Walmart and me and my friend were sitting on the floor for like 10 minutes trying to pick it up

  6. I have naturally long nails and once my friend offered me to play with slime. So later when i went home THE FUCKING SLIME WAS UNDED MAH NAILS! Lol but anyways its fun getting the dirt out lmao

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