9 Minute RANT!! | Warning: Slight cursing

Warning: I don’t usually curse, but I do at times in this video…

Oh good LORD guys -_-

So, this guy on Fiverr wanted me to do voice work for him, and long story short, he pissed me the fuck off.

Also, if y’all happen to have the time to watch a 9 minute long rant, please watch until the end, cause there’s a very important question as to whether I should give this guy a refund or not after what he did to me XD

Also, sorry that I didn’t show my face, I was just moving around a lot, and I didn’t know if that would bother any of you XD

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  1. dude holy fuck.

    i wouldnt be able to handle that guy. im SO sorry a retard came to you then fucking let you go. Also, i REALLY wish i could start doing paid roles but mom wont let me make a pay pal or get a card .. i feel so far behind you and my other VA friends, also, does this mean.. you cant be Samba anymore, because i cant pay you? if so its perfectly ok, i refuse to make you hurt your voice any further especially for free. rest up man!

  2. I personally wouldn't give him a refund seeing as how unreasonable he was. I mean, he only gave you two days to record, he seems to have ridiculously high standards for those who voice act for him, and he just wasted your time by asking for a refund after you've worked hard for him. No, do not give him a refund, he doesn't deserve it after all the crap he put you through, he needs to learn to lighten up and be more reasonable, and not giving him the refund may lead him to understand that people like those who behave the way he did are frowned upon and waste others time with that kind of behavior.

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