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9+ Weird Introvert Traits That Other People Won’t Understand

10 Weird Introvert Traits Other People Just Don’t Understand. Please subscribe to our channel
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In this video, I’m going tojuiiu share with you 10 weird introvert traits other people just don’t understand. If you find this information is helpful to you, make sure to like this video and subscribe to this channel so you won’t miss any of our interesting updates in the future!

Each person has different ways to interact in the world as well as an introvert does. Facing an introvert cannot be equated with facing extroverts. In contrast to an extrovert who can easily express their thoughts, introverts seem to be putting themselves offstage.

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  1. I looked out of the window today and saw people….that is enough socializing…..that is an introvert…..

  2. 10 weird traits of BehindTheScience introverts just don't understand.

    #1. BTS states that if you're an introvert, you have at least 10 weird traits.
    #2. The traits that BTS describes that actually are applicable to introverts, are automatically "weird".
    #3. "Introverts are very quiet, but only to strangers." Introverts can be among a crowd of acquaintances which depletes their energy to socialize.
    #4. "They also have an obsession of something." Introverts do not automatically have some obsession.
    #5. "They can immediately respond to something yet they can also make the response more plausible because of their plans." So, if they can come up with a quick and plausible response, how is it that "this is what makes them difficult to be understood"?
    #6. So introverts apparently are difficult to be understood, see #5.
    #7. "Introverts just don't know how to establish a communication with others." Introverts actually know this very well, but they succeed better among a small group of people. An extrovert without the energy to socialize (think "tired" or "worried" or something) is in the same situation.
    #8. "They have their own way of interacting with people." They interact with people in the same way as everyone does.
    #9. "For an introvert, the evening is a very private time. The presence of others in their room can make them uncomfortable and cannot sleep all night. So, staying in their room is not wise. When night comes, an introvert prefers to be alone." While this is by and large pure nonsense, it very much depends on the person(s) present. The contrary is actually true if the person is their partner or if the night is to be spent having good conversations with close friends.
    #10. BTS apparently has no problems with "us and them", alienating 40% to 50% of the world's population and emphasizing that they should be treated differently.

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