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Amsterdam SEO Mastermind Session

Just a casual SEO mastermind session in an Amsterdam coffee shop (a normal coffee shop btw), with Matt Diggity, James Dooley, Mark Walker, Charles Floate, Adam O’Hern, Gareth Simpson and Dirk Diggy.

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  1. That was good to watch, especially the last bit about a site tanking and freaking out straight away but waiting that 30 days and see what happens. I see that sometimes and I'm checking the serps several times a day in a panic! Thanks.

  2. That was a 1 hour 10 minutes very well spent! It convinced me to sign up for the November conference. 🙂

  3. Awesome to hear all the coaches- One of the greatest SEO expert together sharing their journey….If they had started again…Thank u Diggy for putting up the video

  4. Awesome video. Truly inspirational.

    You mention a few link services… I heard the name Todd a couple of times. Are there any you recommend please?

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