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  4. I agree that many people disagree with Alex Jones and he definitely isn't always correct. What the main issue is that people should be worried of is that YouTube, twitter, fbook, etc. are only "enforcing" their rules on conservatives and not democrats. If they're going to ban people for hate speech, they need to do it equally and they are not. Take Candace Owens for example who took a very racist NYT's editor's tweets and got banned for a day for merely swapping out the word White for Jewish and Black. The NYT editor was never banned from anything and her racist tweets still have not been removed.

  5. Bitcoin is hate speech against banks, therefore, advocates for its use shall be publicly silenced and their accounts terminated. Such dissidents will be slandered, libeled, and not given a platform to present their defense. On the unperson's digital gravestone, links will be etched to Inner Party approved banking products and media for user consumption. Welcome to Corporatocracy.

  6. In reguards to the banning of alex jones i understand that there are community guidelines for these social media sites but where i found inconsistancies was when other pages posted coverage of some of the same videos he was banned for they were left untouched and alexs coverage was removed with a community guideline strike. Its the inconsistency that makes me think this is a dirrect attack on alexs free speech. One example youtube gave was a video he covered of a transgender fashion show that took place where kids were involved and were actually getting lap dances and having trans women dancing in thongs while the children put dollar bills in the strap of their underwear. Youtube said alex covering that was him being transphobic. From what i remember though he wasnt stopping anyone from being involved in the fashion show or saying anything transphobic. He was saying though, how inappropriate it was for children to be subjugated to what was basically becoming a strip show. Another was that he was being islamophobic..to save space i encourage anyone interrested in finding out more to do their own research on the subject . Its the inconsistency between the rights of the MSN to share this information with their point of view and Alex sharing it with his thats upsetting. Its starting to get to a point these tech giants can put a community guidelines strike on someones page, demonitize them, or even go as far as terminating their profile and banning them for disaggreeing with the mainstream narritive .

    Another great example of where america is headed if we continue down this road of censorship is a man from london named Tommy Robinson he was recently inprisoned for covering the trial of a muslim rape gang because aparently it was him being islamophobic and spreading hate speech. After being inprisoned it was told to him he was actually jailed for interfeiring with the trial but all his coverage was done outside the court house so im confused how he interfeired with the trial. Again…take a look for youselves sometimes truth can be stranger than fiction.

    As always Tijo and the Arcane Bear you guys are awesome thank you for providing us with great information and a wide range of topics to discuss.


  7. That's not exactly true. Steemit admins do have the ability to remove articles (if you post a page with child porn on it, it will certainly get removed and you'll be banned and possibly arrested) …I know this because someone already posted a photo with a naked child in it, and it caused an uproar and got removed even though it wasn't child porn per se.

    Second, steemit whales can downvote your content pushing it away from the eyes of most users who could upvote it, therefore killing any money you could have made from that post. Steemit is flawed and definitely not totally immutable.

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