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  1. It was reported weeks ago that Paul Blackthorne would not be returning for a season 7 so it was evident that they were going to kill him off.

  2. This season has had its ups and downs for me. Some good episodes thrown in here and there but not very much. Its not their worst season but it was all over the place.

    I agree that Season 4 is still their worst season by far. And Diaz (I love the actor though) is their worst villian.

    The fight between Oliver and Diaz was VERY well shot and the fight itself was great.

    Lance dying (I'll never forgive them for that by the way) Oliver going to jail, all that was very predictable. No suspense there.

    Now…there is a popular Green Arrow story called Supermax in the comics where Oliver is in Supermax prison and he has to work together with his past enemies to escape. And it is my favorite Green Arrow story so I'm hoping their version of it plays out nicely in Season 7. I am super stoked for that. So we shall see.

    My Season Ranking:

  3. I wish they would make Oliver closer to his comic counterpart. I am not sure why the hate, I think this season was fairly strong, given what we have. Diaz was a decent villain and kept it more realistic than flash's villain this season.

  4. You are 100% right! I guess they have been getting lazy since they have been getting renewed every year with ease, now i understand why Paul Blackthorne wanted to leave the show. Diaz is the weakest villian ever. Instead of team Arrow leaving Oliver, they should have had some of the unlikeable members killed off in the season 5 finale cliffhanger, epecially if they were going to bring in earth 2 Laurel and I heard that Collin Hayes will return to full-time role in season 7, now Team Arrow will be over over crowded. They need to fire some of these writters.

  5. one good thing will come out of season 7 and that is the return of roy harper aka arsenal he will be part of the main cast next season

  6. This season was god awful even season 3 was better than this screw Marc Guggenheim I'm so glad he's leaving

  7. This season wasn't terrible. Not as good as Season 1,2,or 5. But it was still good the first half was trash. But the second half was great.

  8. Season 3 better then 6 na. This is the first time a villian is coming back that alone is pretty dope.

  9. Too much unnecessary soap drama.. For one, he is a crafty nonsuperhero that takes down superheroes? That stops me there

  10. not even gonna watch the video cause lol,
    but season 6 was nowhere as bad as season 4, especially the last few episodes from fundamentals and onward; paul blackthorne left the show to star in a bigger role in a different show; and diaz living to s7 is literally not a bad thing, not to mention that stephen amell literally basically acknowledged that this season was messy and that s7 will be a lot better

  11. Every time I hear something like this I'm so glad I quit watching it! After season 5 I was done. Wish I would have been done after season 4?

  12. 7:00 i agree with that about Rene. I couldn't connect with that. Its not like it wasn't an understandable thing someone would do before they die. I just couldn't believe the way the actor said those lines.

  13. It seems like everyone on Arrow starts out alive after being seriously hurt, ten seconds later they die. IN THE DAMN HOSPITAL!!! Maybe to save the city they should get some new hospital staff lol

  14. The show is just dragging along at this point. It makes no sense how this show keeps losing actors and it's probably because the writing has gone to shit and the overcrowding has made it hard for some characters to stay relevant. I feel killing off Lance was a huge mistake. Sure his character was often thrown into the same storyline over and over but he had so much potential for great stuff with him being mayor and becoming a surrogate father to Oliver. Their relationship has become the best and most consistent one Oliver had. Paul was the best actor on the show and losing him will make the show even weaker imo

  15. God I really was listening to your opinion until "this show has sucked for a long time" what about season 5?

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