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Authentic Empath Will Recognize Most (if not all) of These Strange Behaviors

Authentic Empath Will Recognize Most (if not all) of These Strange Behaviors. Get more cool stuff here
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In this video, I’m going to share with you that authentic empath will recognize most (if not all) of these strange behaviors. if you find this information is helpful to you, make sure to like this video and subscribe to this channel so you won’t miss any of our interesting updates in the future!

Empaths have completely different traits that other people. They have some characteristics that may surprise you. Here is the list of strange behaviors or the real empaths. You will notice that if you are empath. However, you can pick the same sign if you meet someone with the following criteria.

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  1. Yes i can really agree with these signs: Intuition / Absorbing Energy; this truly describes Empaths i's say, and Introverts too as they're most likely Empaths too.

    Feeling drained by people and energizing at home for your health and well-being is really important.

    Sensing feelings of pain & suffer is also a common trait od Empaths i really resonate with this too.

    Being too sensitive is a really trademark which is, in my vision, really hard at some times, but it's who we are, and who we are is the most important thing we are in this world, it's our mark we leave in this world and should not sacrifice it for anything/anyone, but imporvement is always good, as you can eveolve to like the "best version of yourself".

    cool and interesting video, at the end i'd agree to all of these Behaviors.

  2. So true! I'm an empath since birth. All of my senses are heightened. I feel everything. Example my partner has been in pain for months, due to a pinched nerve in the spine. Every night my back was killing me and inflammation. Couldn't sleep. So she got surgery, and ever since my back has not been hurting. I was feeling her pain.

  3. This describes me to perfection. I've tried to tell others about myself, but they just don't understand. As long as there's SOMEONE 'out there' who does, I'm grateful for this wonderful gift. Thanks for your much appreciated work in this field.

  4. this screams me.. while my feelings and intuition have been growing stronger my own problems are also multiplying.
    I've been helping people my entire life and the very few times I ever need something no one ever steps up to the plate.
    I've learned to isolate myself because of the people that hurt me.. thinking I really could trust
    them and then they stab me in the back when I find out they have been talking to untrusting people. That hurts me the most

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