Bill Burr | Joey Diaz Rant – You Gotta Get Dirty

Bill Burr, Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan talk about how corporations are taking over, and how little to none of a damage would a protest do. Joey Diaz and Bill Burr are really upto something here.

In the room – Steve O, Joe Rogan, Jayden James & Eddie Bravo.

Audio Clip taken from The Icehouse Chronicles Podcast By Deathsquad. Hosted By Brian Redbad, Joe Rogan , Eddie Bravo

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  1. Burrs DirectTV story is pretty spot on. It’s the same story with all these companies. They hide behind automated response machines, websites , email complaints so you can’t actually talk to a person. And they know that 98% of ppl will just say fuck it and surrender their money, personal information, and eventually freedom for their fancy new gadgets or television service. That’s what it’s going towards. And it’s not gonna be us that will suffer we will be dead. Here’s what you have to understand. Each generation comes up with this level of corporate control. And it’s considered the norm. That’s how you take over some shit. I give it another 50 years and they’ll start microchipping us. But they will sell it in a way that seems awesome and keeping us safe from terrorism. And the mouth breathers will all line up for it.

  2. Christians, and their ass-backwards rules is what put the Jews on top. It was considered a sin for a christian to charge another christian interest on a loan.
    Jews on the other hand, had no problem charging interest, and that is why Jews control everything. Jews made Kagillions of dollars doing business with all those Christians.

  3. You don't have to abandon your iPhone , what we have to do is hit the corporations by boycotting or putting in politicians that won't cater to them exclusively

  4. Steve-o's dad is most likely correct. Back during the Great Depression, more people were way closer to self sufficiency than we are today. We are climbing to a much higher place to fall from.

  5. Joe Rogan: Can you imagine getting solicitation calls on your cell phone? That would drive you crazy. Fuck that, that should be fucking illegal."

    Mr. Rogan, you knocked it out of the park with that line. You should have a new podcast called," Predicting the obvious future that we all know will happen"

  6. lol the catholic church is still around after fucking literally fucking half the world. nobodys doing shit about apple

  7. this is a classic podcast.. steve o, bill burr, uncle joey, joe, eddie braj.. ice house chronicles #3. hung over like a mother fucka, with a bug! in yo pocket!

  8. Did I hear Uncle Joey say 2011? Fuckin A Bill, how long you been saving this clip? Subject matter couldn't possibly be more relevant.

  9. Steve o is extremely unintelligent. He literally has no idea what he's talking about…… The 2008 financial crisis was because of sub prime mortgages ….. Ummmm no.

  10. Seriously though, you'd have to have a complete lack of self-awareness to name your channel 'Bill Burr University', implying that that Burr is some sort of authority, when he is exactly the type of person who constantly reminds people not to take him too seriously.

    "I get my life-lessons and opinions from a pasty white guy with a podcast" That's fucking sad.

  11. it's our job, anyone 30-50 to tie in the old school values to stupid xx. 1930w at least people have some sort of intrinsic values. Bitcoin has none, it goes mainstream, internet goes done boom, we still have or organize beets in your backyard

    I got a fridge magnet thats ponies are for sissies with a ginger man riding an ostrich. (I googled the dif between donkeys and ponies then i realized maybe this is pointless) I have a an SE and just bought another SE cos it's small enough for my small hand. I went to apple that its funny how there are some people sitting on the table doing their neck stretches for their facia recognition setup of their phones. I haven't set up the phone properly yet, my texs are known to be horrible cos i don't text properly, and everyone thought i'm dead esp my mum (might as well ) cos I haven't used any technology. i am 35 and i m make everyone call me including tinder dates

    I've always worked in corporates, partied with non corporate peeps. Even bulge bracketbanks look into interest free banking (muslim banking) eg Malaysia etc and you can trade counter party credit risk .. if there is a magician i just want a rabbit for stew or maybe lamb as an upgrade.

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