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Boosting Your Earnings Update Coinpot, Bonus Bitcoin and Introducing The Moon Faucets

More ways to claim Bitcoin and Other Crypto Currencies Very Easily!
When Using The Faucets You Do Not Need To Create Accounts For Each You Just Open A Coinpot Wallet Account And Then Use The Same Email Address To Login Into All Of The Faucets Making Sure All Your Coins Go Straight To Your Wallet.

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  1. Yep I was on that day too lol said same thing to me due to an overload I couldn't get on for about 10 minuets, cheers for the update glad you still doing your videos, the moon-pots are good for building your coin-pot up, and you can build up quit fast using them too 🙂 hope you get some referrals as for the popups I don't mind them they have to get paid too it helps them stick around longer, great video bloopers and all.. and oh I got to include yes pal it's still working however I managed to trim it down a bit so not so much to it now but works the same none the less.. 🙂 i'M GLAD I FOUND THAT VIDEO 🙂

  2. Don't forget there are 5 (moondoge, moondash, moonbch, moonlitecoin and moonbitcoin) for coinpot and then I use bit fun and bonus bitcoin at the same time for a total of 7 in one window.

  3. Just let people know if you don't log into coinpot after 30 days they will delete all your coins. Good videos keep up the good work mate.

  4. nice im at 6.300 g/hs ish just seeing what u at to decide if im gonna buy few more t/h so looking faward to it

  5. Just wanted to let you know, I did your multiply trick on Freebitcoin, I only had 32000 satoshi, so I did your strategy the only thing I changed was the number of rolls from 100 to 10, and that has worked well for me. Also, it looks like Freebitcoin has stopped doing the browser mining, just thought you should know. Cheers.

  6. For those of you that have tried to sign up to the moon bitcoincash faucet but have been unable to I have listed their new link, many thanks 🙂

  7. I'm also waiting on another Minerfarm video but I can also say that coinpot does pay. I just did a withdrawal from coinpot. It does take about 48 hours to receive it.

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