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  1. FUCK akademiks Joe is Right. I been saying this shit, somebody gonna do more than just beat the shit out that faggot nigga and he deserves it. If anything, Joe shouldn't help akademiks. Let that fool fall victim to his folly. Do you know the only thing an old fool could've been in life? A young fool .

  2. Joe was spot on today with this shit. That little nigga Xxxtentacion is BEGGING for somebody to toe tag his ass. Body bag and coffin work. That’s what he’s been doing for waaaay too long now. And if Ak doesn’t move differently, he’s going to be caught up in some G shit that his ass ain’t ready for. If anything he should be thanking Joe for the words of wisdom

  3. It's better to remain silent and be thought of a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt…
    If you don't understand stand what Joe is talking about then he's talking to you as well because you obviously are not street. Stay out of street shit before YOU get hurt.

  4. No sadly them punk ass niggas will shoot other black people…but won't squad up to find George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson or Daniel Palentalioand shoot them.

  5. see …akademics been doing this fuck shit…..told y'all nigga when this bitch nigga post video on chiraq….and fighting shit saying NAMES….he snitching….and he's little kid fan base thinks it's OK and cool…nigga he borderline snitching….these new Yung niggas ain't from the hood u can tell u ain't suppose to say shit but handle it in the streets

  6. Joe speaking from experience. He been smacked enough times to know. He actin like he a street n** but only talk slick crazy to people he knows he ain't gone put him in his place. When Joe can't punk you. He gets up and leave. Just like he did with Taxstone.

  7. Thank you Joe for calling out Ak on his bullshit, he knows his followers are sheep and he continues to poison this younger generation by shedding light to the fucker these industry plants do

  8. Joe only talk like that to niggas he know he can and ak a grown asss man. Bruh idc if you not street you on a show there should be boundaries set as a man. Joe disrespectful asl in front of that girl ain’t no nigga gonna disrespect me in front of a girl period she gonna start doing it once she sees that. An ak let the nigga rasise his voice in his shit like that. Joe didn’t do that to taxatone he walked off. He don’t keep the same energy with everyone. He’s right with some of this but almost all outlets reported the shit an they not street. But the difference is ak is the biggest hip hop outlet and 90 percent of us come to him first for any information so he’s gonna be the main guy people attack that’s what joe means but he always turn into benson from regular show an blow up like a super sayian gangsta an he’s not no gangsta hate that nigga.

  9. Yo on the real side of shit, he is helping him. Because if shit get crazy, sometimes the rappers take the easy way out and fuck the manager up. Shout out to Vladtv, he got his ass kick.

  10. As much as I don't like Joe, he right. Akademiks and all these kids need to stay off the street stuff. They don't understand codes.

  11. Joe the show is not about u…u are not relivent….akedemiks dosent need you…..stop tryna act like ur gangsta….all of a sudden u run the show?u dont got no fucking ogs stoppit….i cant wait til ur corny ass is off the show….if it wasnt akedemiks u would never talk to a nigga like that….but since u know he not gonna stand up for hus self u take advantage n try to play him so u can look like u somebody u faggit…..u wack period….beside the interview with u n th migos that was the mist annoying wankstaest interview i ever saw foh u cornball…..now u dick riding migos?u a fucking joke….how much they pay u for all that acting u did?clown…….

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