CNN’s Brian Stelter Goes On Rant About Fox News And Bill Shine’s Wife

CNN’s Brian Stelter took on the Trump administration’s hiring of former Fox News co-president Bill Shine on Reliable Sources Sunday — and called on reporters at Shine’s former network to press the White House on his wife’s racist tweets. Mediaite reported on Friday that Shine’s wife Darla had a fairly nuts Twitter account (that’s now deleted) on which she defended racists, promoted anti-vaccination conspiracy theories, and frequently complained that she could not use the N-word. On Reliable Sources, Stelter first took a look at Bill Shine’s career at Fox News during a segment covering the mutually beneficial relationship between the network and the Trump administration. Shine, Stelter noted, was ousted from Fox News (where he served as co-president) after he was “credibly accused of covering up [Roger] Ailes‘s misdeeds” and was “named in multiple lawsuits.”

“And now more than a year later, it’s official: Shine is the Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications,” Stelter said. “I think we should ask, would any other White House have hired Bill Shine?” The CNN host then addressed Mediaite’s report on Darla Shine posting “years’ worth of racist tweets.” — “Ugly prejudicial stuff, I don’t really want to read all of it,” Stelter said. “And now the man in charge of White House comms has gone silent. CNN has asked the White House for comment, but there hasn’t been any. Now surely they’re not just going to lay low and let this blow over will they?” Stelter asked, before taking aim at Shine’s old network. “Surely Fox News reporters will press the White House for comment right? If they don’t do that, if Fox ignores this story, it will be another sign of the Fox-Trump merger,” he concluded.

Mediaite: Bill Shine’s Wife Darla Complained She Couldn’t Use N-Word and Spread Conspiracy Theories About ‘Blacks’

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  1. Bill Shine didn't leave FoX "under a cloud of scandal".
    He became co-president at Fox, and then you gave airtime to a bunch of radical feminist hatemongers, headed by gretchen carlson, whose outrage manufactured a bunch of scandals that you and the other CNN propagandists talked about as if they were real for long enough that Mr Shine resigned….You talked about it so much that people started to believe you………

    Don't worry tho Mr Stelter, we won't make that mistake again. 🙂

    President Trump is smart enough to see the truth, no matter how toxic the gretchen carlson attack squad gets, I like this move especially because it is a real slap in the teeth to gretchen carlson and her squad of hateful degenerates.

  2. No amount of Fox hating and crying will help your miserable ratings or make you real news. Where was your concern about friendly WH coverage when "journalists" had tingling sensations going up there leg when listening to Obama or you shills for HRC parroting her talking points? CNN just can't stop throwing stones from that glass house, which has very few windows left!!!! Sad little diaper boy!

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