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College Life HACKS | SAVE MONEY !!!

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College Hacks

1)Can’t make the word count on an essay? Type random words at the end of a paragraph and change the color to white.

2)use the coupons app it will give you coupons in your school shopping list

3) has the answers to several textbooks

4)need textbooks but low on funds?

5) will write your essay for you if just give the topic

6)studying your notes the day you write them will give you a 60% better chance of remembering them

7)Desmos is a free online graphing calculator

8) build a cheat sheet answers to homework
find a roommate

9) creates a citation page
(The app offtime temporarily blocks social media while you study)

10)homework help

11)Need info for a project or essay gives reliable info

12)writing something out is the same as reading it 7 times. Saying it out loud is more effective than reading it repeatedly.

13) helps you find words you can’t think of but can describe

14)easier to remember things written in blue than in black

15)studying for a test type in google “site:edu(the subject)exam” use the practice test to study

16)closed out your document on accident? Type .asd into file explorer in “my/this PC “ boom your work


18) is like mathway but shows you the problems and how to solve them

19)make a google doc with classmates. So you all simultaneously take notes and nothing can be skipped over. Also allows you to mark things your confused on and get help quick.

20)why read a essay you already wrote? Copy and paste it in google translate and listen

21)student loans? will help pay your loans in exchange for volunteer work

Sephora 10%
Banana republic 15% w/ID
Charlotte Russe 10% w/ID
Urban outfitters 10% Certain days
Ralph Lauren 15% w/ID in-store
Apple 8% w/ID online & in store
Also Tommy Hilfiger, Levi, Steve Madden, Reebok, pacsun, Best Buy, & new balance

22 (continued)FOOD DISCOUNTS🍽
Subway 10%
Burger King 10%
Waffle House 10%
Arby’s 10%
McDonald’s 10%
Buffalo wild wing 10%
Dairy Queen 10%
Dominos 10%
Pizza Hut 10-20%
Papa johns 10-20%
IHOP 10%

DONT STRESS go for a walk/run, do yoga, dance, or something tht calms you ☺️

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