CRAZY RANT!! Joe Budden CLOWNS DJ Akademiks for getting involved with XXXTENTACION & STREET BEEF

Joe Budden lets rip on DJ Akademiks for getting involved in the XXXTentacion v Migos beef & getting too involved in street stuff that don’t concern him

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  1. Joe is trying to put this dumb nigga up on some real game and he trying to justify it that's why Vic Mensa was ready to handle his ass if you not built from the streets stay the fuck out of the streets

  2. Joes right you aint no shark Ak get out the ocean cause youll be the next nigga on camara getting beat down stay out the fuck shit.

  3. If you don't listen AK you will feel. Wisdom speaks and knowledge listens. Clearly you lack in both, and I understand you trying to make a name for yourself but don't let it be at the expense of your health or others that will have to come save you.

  4. He's trying to stop ak from going a dj Vlad direction. ppl forget Joe(and other artist) had a falling out with Vlad cause he kept getting involved in stuff similar to this

  5. fuck Joe he only getting hype with a young boul let that be anybody else he won't talk like that Joe a bitch pussy as nigga everybody know that

  6. Ak is waiting to get punched to sue just like Vlad, trust me them media niggaz be begging to get punched on so the can sue the fuck out of you. They kno what they are doing …

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