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Create CSS Animations Easily with this Chrome Extension

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In this tutorial, I’m going to show you the usefulness of this chrome extension by animating a quick UI that we create from scratch. We also apply the animations on an existing landing page.

CSS animations can be a pain to write. Fortunately, this tool allows you to use a simple UI for applying animations on selected elements and construct them with an easy-to-use timeline.

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  1. Am I the only one who's annoyed by people putting Picture-in-Picture viewports in their videos? I don't need to see you talking and sitting in a chair looking at a monitor. I need to see the thing you're showing on your screen…in its entirety. At the @6:00 mark for example, you move your cursor to the bottom-right of your screen (which is covered by your small thumbnail-sized feed of you) while you talk about the thing you're supposed to click on…this doesn't help me at all and is just plain aggravating.

    I say this to all tech presenters out there: Stop putting feeds of yourselves in little Picture-in-Picture boxes in your videos during the moments when you're actually trying to show the viewer what's on screen. It gets in the way and is distracting. Thank you.

  2. I tried this on the webpage I am building a but upon clicking start animation, nothing happens. I don't know why

  3. Great video, i usually use animate.css but this is also great since you have more control over animations compared to preexisting ones in the animate.css that you use

  4. How you find out this much of things can you tell anything about it. Or can you tell how the design can be touch with the trending design that's coming on days by days. Reply soon I am waiting.

  5. That's nice.
    I had a question. I'm trying to animate elements at the bottom, but as soon as I load the page it automatically shows the animation and I can't see the animation while scrolling down the page. how to fix this??

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