Cristali rant that Archy promised everyone // read description ya’ll

Important stuff, read me

I’m finally fucking done with this. This rant caused me a lot of anxiety and other shit, I’m glad I’m finally done with it.

Seriously, if he used to trace, and it’s not as noticable anymore and I say he traces while I show PROOF i don’t know why people don’t believe me? Whatever, do what you want, I’m hopefully done with that asshole now XD

I really hope Karma comes late for him because then he gets the shit real hard


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People/videos featured in here (in order):

Rat Baby’s video:

Niwaru’s video:

Emi Matsuno’s video:

Emi’s other video:

And special thanks to my friend “currently sipping tea” for sticking up with me and protecting me XD

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Music (in order):

Scheming weasel – Kevin MacLeod

Sneaky Snitch – Kevin MacLeod

Pixel Peeker polka (faster version) – Kevin MacLeod


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