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  1. It’s so nice to have someone on the internet actually defending certain type of people instead of making a billion other rants other youtubers could make,
    your voice is adorable by the way :3

  2. The only reason why fandoms now and days get ruined is because of crazy obsessive 12-13 year old fangirls/boys. True fans dont get overly attached to a character so much that they feel the need to marry them or do cult sacrifices to make them real. I like cuphead and Bendy because it showed the old 1930s artstyle and the stories behind disney and Max. However, i do agree with one thing. People get bandwagon happy and think that theyre being hip and cool by calling out fandoms to be "cancerous" "autistic" or "cringey" or "too edgy". Not to mention people go looking for negative stuff to complain about on a daily basis(like yours truely*cough* me ) Edit: Plus its the internet. You can't stop anyone from drawing rule 34 and writing lustful fanfic on Da and wattpad. Because: A. The law B. Its the internet and you shouldn't take it too seriously.

  3. I thought this video was another one of those fandom rants where most of them don’t even bring constructive criticism, the best they offer is a bleach joke and just being a crappy person to learning artists. Though you weren’t. Props to you man.

  4. – looks over at the dead horse – lol
    But nah, I too haven't played Cuphead yet but I can see why it blew up in insane popularity and who could blame it? It's a very creative and fresh new idea in the gaming scene (mainly because of the traditional 1930s art style but also the difficulty). And it goes without saying that any fanbase can create a good amount of cringe but you shouldn't let the fanbase be the determining factor on if you like a piece of media or not because if you were to do that, you wouldn't be able to like much of anything.

    And the Rule 34 complaints are old and stupid. Why does one think it's called "rule 34" and not only that, Cuphead uses anthropomorphism so of course some people were going to sexualize them because anthropomorphized/humanized character design which are easy to draw porn for. And it's all easily avoidable if you just avoid the term "rule 34" in search bars or rant videos that talk about it so if you stumble upon rule 34, that's kinda your own fault really.

    Anywho good rant but this subject will never die out. The Cuphead craze will die out most likely by the end of the year and then we'll see another game come out with humanized/anthropomorphized characters that'll be the next "cringe" factor and rinse and repeat lol

  5. FINALLY SOMEONE WHO CAN EXPLAIN WHAT SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING THROUGH ( myself included ). People are always saying that every new fandom is just gonna end up like the "Undertale" fandom, and it always gets really annoying, especially since I kinda like Undertale too. I hate how they mostly direct critisism to people who are 12-13 years old. You can't just judge someone because of their age, THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS!!! And it gets even more annoying when they point out fanart, rule 34, fanfiction, ships, ect. Just let people do what makes them happy, let them be weird and unique in their own way(s). I want to thank you for being one of the very few who actually understands the things that we go through, and one of the reasons why the "cringe" is still around and everywhere is mostly because people are always spreading cringe compilations and stuff like that. I just wish that they should not judge the fan by the fandom, nor the fandom by the fan. P.s, I love your little Cuphead Cocktail oc, so cool!!!❤❤❤ Ok, bye!❤❤

  6. there is a show called " litter force doki doki " and there is a character called " Ira " he is the young boy with bat ear thingys… so what im saying is that you sound like him! (btw it is a netflix original show )

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