Dragula – Season 2 – Episode 3 – Rant & Review

Dragula – Season 2 – Episode 3 – Rant & Review

Dragula is giving us a rock shows with some Rock Goddess looks for the main floorshow! The girls are put in two groups to perform a rock song and present looks on the stage. The girls talk about being put in groups and some challenges they have faced outside the competition.

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  1. I think part of it with Erkia is while she is American her looks are Japanese inspired, and Japanese metal has a very different look than American metal. I thought the ladies did really well on the challenge, but Kendra's look made me sad. I was like baby no.

  2. This week we got the "kooky, humorous" Disasterina the Boulet's said had been missing so far. I"d hope Erika gets a chance to stun, but perhaps even Dragula needs to cast cannon fodder or wildcards. o_o The Boulet's compared her to Loris during the judges only talk instead of using the judgement segment to tell Erika (and us) what they'd hoped to see from her/why she was cast.

  3. I enjoyed this week's episode and your right about the Boulet Brothers when it comes to their looks because their look on the floor show was very them. The moment you said Marilyn Manson I thought the exact same thing about Abhora's look, Dahli' s look would have made Marilyn Manson gag the moment she walked on the stage and biqtch's look was very Pete Burns. I had a feeling Kendra was going because of the way she was handled being tattooed and her look wasn't rock goddess at all. As for the performances PMS were my favourite they were given me a drag version of Kiss. I'm still rooting for the same queens I mentioned in your previous video but I have a feeling Biqtch will surprise the other queens and the viewers the more she's in the competition. Great review Matty and nice top by the way.

  4. something about Bitch Pudding is really growing on me. maybe her looks might be sometimes a miss but now i see why other girls dont like her… Miss thing is Unclockble when it comes to performance.

  5. I was astonished by Erika's look. It's disappointing that if any judge comments on her appearances their references and influence would likely be coming from America or Europe, but I like that she has stuck with her aesthetic ( and both done it well and carried out her references accurately) instead of pulling a Trixie Mattel and dumbing down her preference for others.

  6. matty is right once again. kendra confirms pretty much everything u said on her booview with gia ferrari. i can agree with her on her feelings, but if u are going to take a risk like that u had better be bulletproof. i think kendra got that banger b/c she knew she was going home. since the bottom was by group all of the other girls were either challenger winners or top 3.

    off topic, but do u know if it is normal for straight males to lie to other queens about their sexuality in order to fit in? i thought it was weird disastrina did that coupled with the one time a straight man was on the rupaul reject show episode, ppl in the comments were saying that he didn't belong, draq is for gays "drag is ours" and more tomfoolery.

    here is the link for the booview if u want to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNwhLkAfeCc

    here is the shot with soju epi, one of the drag queens monikke said racist things to and doubled down on: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KzhOkCApo5s start around the 12 min mark.

  7. monikkie called soju a ch*nk and soju made a very emotional video about it. you should check it out. its the dragula queens review by soju

  8. I think the judges should give the girls the chance to explain the references for their looks. I got Erika's on the spot because I'm a huge nerd but not everyone is.

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