Drake RETIRING From Music To Pursue Acting Career?

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Drake covers the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter to talk about his return to acting. In the article Drake details various partnerships including one with film studio A24, known for films like Moonlight. In addition, Drake has partnered with the founder of Anonymous Content who produces series such as Mr. Robot and True Detective. They are said to be working on a new mysterious TV series, but Drake wouldn’t reveal if he’ll be starring in the series or staying behind the camera.

Yes, there’s more. It was previously announced that Netflix is reviving the British crime series Top Boy and that Drake will serve as an executive producer. The Hollywood Reporter also insinuates he’s taking his acting comeback very seriously, turning down at least one script per week. Keep in mind guys Drake hasn’t acted since his days on Degrassi, with the exception of hosting SNL and voice acting in Ice Age: Continental Drift.

So what the heck on with Drake’s music career?! Is he really trading rapping for acting? In the interview Drake revealed QUOTE, “I’m sure I’ll stop one day. When it starts to feel like I’m making it up. Hopefully I’ll catch it before I ever get there, right? But right now it feels like we just started, so I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. But I do plan on expanding — to take six months or a year to myself and do some great films. Music’s always there.”

Yes to that- we’ll take all the Drake we can get. And if you think he couldn’t get any better, let us point out that the article mentioned Drake’s a huge Harry Potter fan. Hmmmm maybe Drake will add writer to his resume one day. Now we wanna hear from you guys, what do you think of Drake returning to acting after all this time? Speaking of rap- click here to see Liam Payne go head-to-head with Jason Derulo in a RAP BATTLE. As always I’m your host Sinead de Vries, thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Drake honey stick to what you know best. That is making song about your exs i have yet to here a song about Serena

  2. I want him to make one more sad album or song (Like Take Care, Thank Me Later, Marvin's Room) before he take a break from music to pursue acting

  3. I'm so proud of him… I'm sticking with him don't matter he does .. cause he's bae and as a fan it's the right thing to do

  4. I'm so proud of him… I'm sticking with him don't matter he does .. cause he's bae and as a fan it's the right thing to do

  5. Drake do a Degrassi reunion with your cast and we will talk no but for real he’s good actor I wished he continued it he was in best actors on that show

  6. This is not true, I attended drake Brisbane boy meets world tour last night and he announced at the end of the show that when he’s tour is over he will be writing a new album

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