Everything wrong with troom troom //ruby rants

I am not hating but some of the crafts and pranks and whatnot are just stupid but this is just MY opinion !!
but if you are a fan of troom troom sorry not sorry if you don’t like it don’t watch it😂
But I hope you liked this video cause this is my first one lol
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  1. 1st thing right when u see the picture then reality when u play it my god that object is not in the video 2nd thing why would u make a earings like that i mean like what the F*** sorry if i write that bad word i hate troom troom

  2. When the girl said "hey! I want an accsesorie like that!" I screamed OK HERE B** TAKE THESE PRETZELS AS NIPPLE PEIRDINGS!

  3. CAN YOU SHUT THE FUG UP DONT HATE THEM ,i understand if its your opinion but dont hate on them like that

  4. R.I.P
    Here lies troom troom died from dumb DIYs,Pranks,And clickbait thumbnail

  5. Some idiot in my school got suspended for pulling a prank on their teacher that they got from this channel

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