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Festival Outfit Styling for COACHELLA 2018! (Beauty Trippin)

Beauty Trippin is BACK and this week, we’re at Show Me Your Mumu for a Coachella fashion makeover (gotta look good for Beyonce, y’all).

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It’s festival season once again and you know what that means… CLEVVERCHELLA 2018!!

Mumu’s boho-inspired style was MADE for Coachella – and their professional stylists have tons of outfit ideas & tips for anyone who wants to rock the desert chic look and make this year’s fashion trends their own! (If you’re Joslyn, that may or may not mean pink gel shoes and even a brand new HAT to torture Lily with…)

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Special thanks to SHOW ME YOUR MUMU!!

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  1. I know fashion way better than the shop lady. The hat does not go with the dress, but the dress is cute Joslyn.

  2. Wish I could actually afford all these clothes!!! They are all so cute!! It's definitely not a college-student-budget friendly place

  3. I will say LOVE Erin’s outfit to begin with!! From vibrant colors of her hair and yellow shirt to the bold black sunglasses with skirt, love!

  4. I think the “conductor” hat look really good on Lilly and on joslyn the hat is a different shade than Lilly’s hair so it looks really good and joslyn you do you girl

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