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Full Face of Glitter CHALLENGE! Joslyn Gets a GLOW JOB?! (Beauty Break)

Revenge has never been so sweet…or sparkly.

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Today on Beauty Break, Lily gets Joslyn Coachella ready with a literal #GloUp using only the glittery-iest of makeup & beauty products!

Plus, learn why you shouldn’t put glitter makeup over a sheet mask (oops) and which of the trendy Too Faced & GlamGlow glitter masks are more satisfying to peel off. (SEE?? THIS IS AN EDUCATIONAL SHOW!!!)

What weird stuff should we put on our face (or hair, body, etc…) next?? Comment & let us know!


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  1. I love both of you so much because you honestly make my day a little bit brighter everytime you do a video so this is nothing against you but I don't get why someone would put glitter in masks. They are supposed to improve your skin and I don't see how putting sharp objects made from a material that is known to rather be able to cause damage than benefit you would help with that. Also glitter is playing a bigger role than you would think at poluting the environment especially those you rins down the drain. But enough for this little rent because the video is very fun and enjoyable to watch.

  2. I would like to see you guys try a video with different indie makeup brands. I love Black Moon Cosmetics.

  3. love you guys and to get the lipstick glittery you have to wait 2 minutes and then rub your lips together xx

  4. My mom has my baby teeth too hahah. I'd love to see best eyeliner shape (day and night) for different eye shapes? I never know what to do hahah

  5. My baby teeth and all of my siblings baby teeth also are kept in containers (one each) in my dad’s night stand and I know this because I might or might not have went through his night stand searching for spare change or like my ds when I’d be taken away or something

  6. Lily if a dude feels like watching you on these videos is embarrassing he aint right for you. Just saying. And this is coming from a guy.

  7. I worked at a jewelry store and a woman wanted us to set her kids baby teeth into a gold setting so she could wear them as earrings. She already had a few that had been turned into pendants for a necklace. No clue how many she had just laying around waiting to be turned into creepy jewelry.

  8. My parent kept all of my and my sister's baby teeth. They display them at Halloween.

    My dad also bought my wisdom teeth off me for $20 when they got removed

  9. This gave me a weird thought. What if you had glitter in your uterus and so when you got your period it would be glitter?

  10. You should try vegan makeup from major cruelty free brands like Too Faced, Urban Decay, Tarte, Milk makeup, Smashbox, Anastasia Beverly Hills etc.

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