GAMESTOP Black Friday Funko Mystery Box RANT!!!!

Here’s what I experienced at GameStop on Black Friday!
Did anyone else see this?????

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  1. This is about Gamestop in Germany.
    There are dozens of Pokemon Codes on Ebay when Gamestop gets them and the seller will say he got plenty when visiting them but they will tell you they got so few they can not give out enough.
    They like to also say that would get them for free so it is ok if they are late and you are forced to drive more then once which does cost money but at the end even if you call each day suddenly all are gone.

    Or when they got Shulk Amiibo exclusive and the intern message about only handing them to people who preordered and instead open them to sell them as used later on for more.

    There are many stories of shitty behavior by this company.

  2. I am sure they do this at other places too, like hot topic. One of their employees even told me straight up that when their store got in three blue crystal heisenbergs, way after they were sold as summer convention exclusives and became expensive, the manager and employees bought out all three. To me i just see it as a perk of the job, dont get too frustrated about it, you are only denying yourself all the great pops out there. There are bad apples in every business.

  3. these people are cheaters and stealers,i wish that evreyone who cheats in their jobs and takes the peopels right gets fired.

  4. They shouldn't allow the employees buy from the store they work at. That would help prevent it. I know they could just have Their friends come in, but it would make it a bit more difficult over all.

  5. Yep every single employee got dibs on the good ones. Customers get the leftovers. Thing is, people still keep buying shit from gamestop even though everyone knows how shitty they are. We need to get a boycott going like people did to Target. Target lost BILLIONS of dollars

  6. I live in louisiana, and I hate saying this because it is very stereotypical. You very rarely see guys like you in my area. I've seen a couple of your videos and so far I think you are a great youtuber, subscribing.

  7. Do you have Autism by chance? just wondering..also i HATE Gamestop. i try not to deal with them, but i want the Pre-order shit, so its hard not too buy from them sometimes. it fucking sucks.

  8. A lot of Gamestops Deffinetly rip you off….I order mine off of their site and there always untampered and not touched which is great I picked 4 up at gstop in store and got nothing but bat girl then I bought 2 over online got a gold dark as night bat man this was still very unfair they should have plastic wrapped or whatever that plastic is that cover the boxes love the vid and rant tho…great story and I subbed for sure 🙂

  9. I walked into my local GameStop and I was going to buy two of them and a Gentleman behind the register said hey you want this one and it was actually a good one it was from the Borderlands series

  10. are these things worth actually something? iv only got the VOCALOID ones and I dont care for the others.

  11. for collections like others have already posted saying that employees have first dibs, its also when they are shipped they are not randomized as in the product is in a set format, in the funko case is the golden figure, that allows someone to figure out the odds of it being said rare product. After obtaining the ones the employees want they then randomize the products for the customers which not only limits the chances of the golden ones more if it wasn't already sniped by the emplyees. This was told to me by my local gamestop employees who i'm actually good friends with sense i'm one of their regulars.

  12. the same thing happend to me but with gameboy advance games I wanted castlevania and the employee always buy's it and it's not fair

  13. As a Gamestop employee, if you sell anything you purchase while an employee, (sell for a profit) you are up for immediate termination. We are told this several times when we are hired. Also, it is a minimum wage job that requires next to no experience, so we end up with crappy employees like this. Sucks that all GameStops end up getting a crappy reputation because of stupid individuals…

  14. I know this comment is way late but at one game stop I bought 3 and they were all batman then I bought one from another GameStop and got gold power armor. So not all gameStops are bad. The GameStop I got the gold power armor from I found a chase Alien recently! Guess there not collectors haha.

  15. This is what happens when you put video game collectors in a position where they get first dibs at video game ect, collectibles. They will take the posters, stands, collectibles, limited editions and all that.

  16. first box i got was a funko from true blood. they switched it! manager says anything could be inside, doesnt believe that we are supposed to get exclusive pops.

  17. so a couple employees represent the whole company deffinetly the best possible solution rant on youtube dont tell someone who could say investigate into your experience

  18. if they do this promotion again they need to use different boxes, not boxes like loot crate uses. They need to use something like puzzle boxes, or the same boxes, but with a clear package around each of them, like what you typically find when you get a new game or dvd they have a clear plastic around them to keep people from tampering with them. It won't stop it 100%, but it will make it much more difficult to do, and easier to see when someone does it.

  19. I bet you five bucks that the employees at the game stop took a Peak at the merchandise just to find out what was in it that way they can get the good stuff first.

  20. I've been hearing a lot of bad stuff about Gamestop lately.  I think it is time to boycott them until things change.

  21. i get that this can happen but what if he just got lucky? there's been times where i buy those little boxes of mystery figures and i got exactly what i planned on getting. I got a Voltron figure from a box that had a 1/10 chance of getting the certain character, i got the Power Armor figure in a box that had a 1/15 chance and before i opened the box i told the cashier check it out and they were surprised i got the ones i called out. seems like you're just salty, but thats my opinion.

  22. When i used to work at KB Toy Stores for holiday help i remember we got one of the newer line of Spawn figures and i literally set aside a few of them to purchase and you know how hard it is to find those figures if you've ever done it before. But i mean the only difference is that i didn't sell them as soon as i got home. In fact i still have them to this day. Idk if that counts as the same thing lol. But as far as the gold Fallout power armor i was super bummed i did not get any. However i still got 2 regular power armors, 2 Claptraps and a Batgirl so i was happy. My Gamestop is not bad like that but i did notice allot of the labeling was pretty loose regardless.

  23. Bad employees and a manager who doesn't really care about honesty. Fortunately the GameStop by me has a fantastic manager and honest employees. When one individual is dishonest and the manager doesn't do anything, other employees are liable to be the same way.

    The manager at the one by me has fired employees when they caused a situation that would negatively effect the customers.

  24. GameStop employees get first dibs on everything in the store . Also, they can take a new game for 3 days before they have to return it.

  25. I won't buy mystery boxes, so shady
    I am a collector but I like to see what I am buying
    You are absolutely right
    Very crooked

  26. I have a friend who used to work at GameStop in new Orleans and that's 100% what they did. the guy absolutely peeked on purpose

  27. Talked to an employee that used to work there. Thats exactly what they did. I dont buy mystery boxes from gamestop

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