Hate For Dark Skin Girls | RANT

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  1. i honestly think people who bleach is mentally disturbed. No way can one does that to their skin and think its normal….its not. Be happy with you! A dark skin is far more attractive than a blotchy discolored looking skin. Bleaching is just crazy

  2. We are treated the way we allow people to treat us. You dont like my dark skin, your problem, not mine! I noticed a trend with us black ppl it's. like we just have to be seen. We are unnecessarily loud too. One positive thing i noticed about us though. its if we want to good we are damn good and if we want to be bad….oh man. but one thing for sure whatever we put our minds to we do it well

  3. Excuse me! What the hell do you know about Jamaican women??! You here preaching about society but at the same time you're listening to stereo types and propaganda! I would like to have you know that I'm Jamaican and I DO NOT bleach my skin. Please do your research before you talk. THANK YOU

  4. I'm white but I've always wanted a dark skin… you guys have a very attractive skin color, I don't understand why black women bleach, and never understood either why black men prefer white women .. you have the most attractive and sexy women ever…

    Please, to all the dark women out there, you are very beautiful and unique, don't allow society to make you insecure about yourselves … this is how you were born, don't try to change nature… love to all of you ❤❤❤

  5. I don't bleach. But I am tired of hearing "You are real pretty for a black woman". I am dark but I love it.

  6. Every one should be happy in their own skin….it is never about the package it is what is on the inside….

  7. Why is the right question!!! I love what my creator created and that was me. I wear no make up just this good ole Vaseline.

  8. Guys I am the darkest shade of black literally (that's my sister on my profile) and I love my colour so much . And I wouldn't change it

  9. Did he just walk down imaginary stairs??? lmao You're right though, many people need to hear more of these. Keep doing your thing cause you doing well. 🙂

  10. Dre! please get ur facts straight. what do you mean in jamaica,that's a small percentage of people that bleach. like r u jamaican ? Have you ever been to jamaica

  11. I looooove my darkskin!!!… thanks Dre. A lot of us don't realize how beautiful we are. Confident …. not cocky.

  12. Hi Dre!!! Great video! Great encouragement for all skin tones!
    When you get a chance, and if you see this check out "She-Meka Ann Coreography. They are a great group of professional dancers.

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