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How I Edit My Youtube Videos ( How to move overlays in iMovie, multiple overlays, and more )

Hey guys!

Finally, here is my “How I Edit My YouTube Videos Part 2”! I’m going to show you how to move pictures and text in iMovie, have multiple overlays in iMovie, how to speed up and slow down clips, how to add annotations, and how to get cool fonts.


How I edit my YouTube videos Part 1 :

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  1. how do u put ur thumb nail after u upload ur video?? i watched ur first video put u never explained it …. plz i hope u see this

  2. Love how informative these videos are! I am feeling so good about my videos now. Can't wait to upload them to​ my new channel! Thanks for all of this info!

  3. So very helpful! Thank you so much!! This has really helped me understand how I can get some of the effects I want with iMovie

  4. <3 this video. Watch the video on my channel to learn an easier, faster way to have more than 2 overlays in iMovie!

  5. Welp pic monkey now asks for registration whenever you try to export it or save it :/ well I did register but they ask to pay or start a 7 day trial but the 7 day trial is sketchy :/ since you have to pay at the end of the trial.

  6. I love this video. Its so simple and informative. Ive taken my edits to the next lvl thanks to you. Youre amazing

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