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How to Find Guest Blogging Sites and Easy Keyword Targets with Content Explorer

In this SEO tutorial, you’ll learn creative guest blogging hacks and a keyword research tip to find high traffic topics with low competition using Content Explorer.

If you’re new to Ahrefs, Content Explorer is one of our SEO tools that’s basically a mini search engine made for marketers.

Sam Oh shows a couple of creative ways on how to find guest blogging sites to pitch and a really cool keyword research tip that you probably haven’t heard about.

More specifically, you’ll learn:
➜ How to find TONS of highly relevant guest posting opportunities.
➜ which sites you should avoid guest blogging for SEO (and why).
➜ a cool hack to find websites that accept guest posts, but do not have a ‘write for us’ page.
➜ a keyword research tip that reveals low competition keywords with high traffic potential.
➜ a bonus tip on influencer marketing.

The bonus tip on influencer marketing is related to finding influencers who may be interested in the content you create for your blog.

When you use Content Explorer in creative ways, you can create your own SEO tactics and techniques to boost your efficiency through the roof.

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  2. Content Explorer is probably THE most powerful for SEO/topic research of ANY tool in the sector. Simple reason is because this is where all the many wide and deep metrics ahrefs offers all come together in one vector.

  3. Ahrefs is by FAR my favorite SEO tool not only for getting accurate matrix, but for all the various methods you guys teach on how best to use your software. You're making all other SEO software obsolete!

    Love the new features and the training. Keep it up!

  4. Wow a YouTube video that actually has some real-life applications! I use content explorer every week but there were a few tips in here I didn't even think of trying. Great stuff guys! Within a second I found a crazy high traffic post/keyword with low comp 🙂 I never subscribe to anything on YouTube… but you got my sub.

  5. Amazing!!! I really like the way you find out post to outrank with low backlinks. Really interesting video tutorial. Thanks!!

  6. I loved this. Sam Oh, I'm doing the 7 Day trial AND I'm going to sub per month. This is great stuff, just subbed to your YouTube Channel.

    My agency just picked up some SEO work and your tool will be helping me help others. Thank you so much, GIVE THIS MAN A RAISE

  7. Thank you for this video. Can you explain why we limit the organic traffic to 1000? What does this accomplish in terms of limiting our results?

  8. This is great, but… Most of the results after filtering are porn and I mean really vulgar porn that no one should probably ever see. Well except maybe the cops who need to arrest some folks.

    Is there a way to filter the porn out of the results? I think if you could do that then I could use the tool more effectively. As it is there are usually 1-3 results worth evaluating out of the list. And why am I getting so much porn looking for JavaScript keywords in the first place??????

  9. I loved this video because I didn't know a lot of things of content explorer. After watching this video, I really got some amazing tricks of content explorer. Thanks a lot, Sam Oh.

  10. Hey Sam – some good points here, but the low competition KW hack may not be work if the page is on a powerful site with Good Internal Linking. For example, this url: ranks #3 for "marketing" with no referring domains to the page, but the power of the domain powers that ranking.

  11. Sam, You nailed it brother. Never thought about this. Its really helpful info. I will try it right now.

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