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How to Get With Someone Who’s in a Relationship!

I’ve been getting a ton of messages from guys wanting to know how to break up a relationship and get with some girl who is “taken” and these are my thoughts. SUUUUPER unethical. And it will end horribly.


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  1. I clicked on the video because the title got me by surprise. I figured you would do something like this Lizzie LOL 🙂

  2. I think we need to make sure these types of standards are still upheld. With the modern day third wave feminist anti christian movement going on in liberal circles I'm surprised more liberals aren't saying cheating is ok. I mean we already have said that homosexuality, bisexuality transgenderism, trans ageism, trans speciesism, pup play and pedophilia (according to Salon) are ok so cheating would be just a easy next step. I applaud you lizzie for not going all the way into the if it makes you feel good do it. Not everything that someone does or that someone likes or supports is ok. There are people in Muslim countries who are allowed to rape and beat their wives, marry children, oppress non muslims that doesn't make it ok. We have to stick to a framework of morality because otherwise we will die as a culture. A culture that allows free for all and just anything goes moral degeneracy will not survive

  3. This year alone I've had 5 girls Hmu while they are in relationships. Trust is key. They ruined any possible chance of me giving them a chance.

  4. Well at least this title isn't AS deceptive as when you titled one of your videos "The Time I Pretended to be Muslim" when it was just about visiting a mosque on a class trip or something, lol! 😉

  5. * Reads title * Huh, a video about trying to steal a girl from someone else. *Clicks video * Didn't I get into a conversation on Twitter with one of Lizzie's other fans about… *Nearly drops coffee mug * Well, now I can say I have made it into a LizzieAnswers video 😀

    For anyone here who isn't a Lizzie fan, you should totally change that. She is one of the most amazing people I have ever come across. So cheerful and friendly! And in spite of our myriad differences and occasional disagreement, she and I still get along! So fan her up already!

  6. personally i wont pursue a woman who has a man. Like at my job i think the sexual tension drives many guys to do stupid things, its basically a competition between the guys to get other female co workers who HAVE MEN, i find it silly and i refuse to participate in that and i am a minority compared to the majority. Lizzie i think these guys have low self esteem because as a woman you know they are all gonna gey played in the end, is that true?

  7. I thought about unsubscribing if this was real. I was like "Lizzie is too smart for this" haha. Glad it wasn't

  8. The whole "a person that will dump someone for you is not someone you want to date" idea reminds me of a bit in the (Australian) movie 'The castle' where the main character's Mum and Dad met when the Mum was on a date with another guy, that guy went to the toilet or something and the Dad who saw the Mum alone at the bar approached the Mum. When told she was on a date he backed off and wished her the best of luck with him. After seeing this the Mum later pursued the Dad. Thoughts :)?

  9. Lizzie, I really like your videos. I think the message u teach about Christ is very beautiful. So have a very important question about ACTS 5: 1-11. I’m very spiritually confused about this verse. Why would our beloved apostle Peter kill that husband and wife. They sold their farm and gave half of it to the church. It doesn’t make any sense to me. God loves us so much! He died on the cross for us and said “forgive them for they know not what they are doing.” So did Stephen in the book of ACTS before he was stoned to death. Why wouldn’t peter let that couple repent instead sending them to hell! We are all equal on earth. The couple lied and said I donated to you the full amount of what the property is worth when they only gave the church half. That’s still a donation! If I commit that same exact sin and god doesn’t force me to drop dead and go to hell wouldn’t that be unfair to that couple? If we are all equal on earth then they got unfair treatment. Why was it just this unlucky couple in the book of ACTS to not get a chance to repent? I have thought about this so much. I can’t find an answer anywhere.

  10. To be consistent, Lizzie, women should marry the first man they become good friends with. Every action by a man who is not currently the boyfriend is unethical, or "manipulative," etc. No wonder so many women marry poorly.

  11. You've been asked this because this channel has become completely secular. Here's something. What if that person is okay with being cheated on?

  12. About Catholism,

    Purgatory which is unbiblical

    Confession and be forgiven
    by a fellow human?
    As in forgiven for All sins
    Is also unbiblical!

    Only the Holy and Heavenly Father (the creator) and not a man can forgive.

    Back to purgatory,
    If you take away this from the Catholic docterine, What is left of the Catholic church?

    Salvation trough work is non Biblical also

    It is saved by Grace and NOT
    by works, God clearly says this!

    There are many verses about this!

    Just an intelligent answer from a Catholic please?

    About whats left of catholism when purgatory is removed?

    May the Spirit of God
    Open your eyes to the light and your ears to the truth
    And your heart to His Son

    The Lord Jesus Christ
    (How he is called in the Holy Bible)

    God bless

  13. Anyone who would do that i would want NOTHING to do with them. It's wrong in every way possible. Same with "open relationships" Both on the level of high scum baggery. I'm a guy and would NEVER try to break anyone up. But thank you for bashing men, just my opinion but i have seen MANY MANY more girls do this. I gotta stick up for my fellow males.

  14. Suppose a guy is 35 years old and never had a girlfriend. By the time you’re my age, every female within a 10 years age difference is basically married and/or has children and is in some sort of relationship. Am I just supposed to say “oh well” and reserve myself to a lifetime of loneliness?

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