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How To Have Cooler Handwriting | Change & Improve Your Style | National Handwriting Day

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Hey there! Happy National Handwriting Day! I’ve literally been OBSESSED with pens, letters, and handwriting since I could write my name (25 years, who’s counting?); which makes me 10x more excited to post this. In today’s video I’m sharing all of my best tips for improving our handwriting and creating our own writing style. I like to keep it super relaxed when it comes to things like this, so you can just use a stack of paper and a pen you really (REALLY) like. In addition to that, “cool” and “good” penmanship is subjective – that’s why my rules are open-ended. YOU GET TO CHOOSE what kind of handwriting you want! There’s no wrong way to write, so just have fun and let your creativity fly! If you want to delve deeper and start making fancy lettering like in the thumbnail, click here:

Do you have any handwriting tips? Share them with us in the comments. Learning for the win.

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