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How to Make a Gravity Bong?

Get ready to fill your lungs. presents: a Gravity Bong Tutorial

How to make a Gravity Bong
If you have never made a gravity bong at home, you can’t truly call yourself a “stoner”. A Gravity bong is a rite of passage, similar to smoking out of an apple or rolling your first joint free hand. There are many different variations on how to make a gravity bong,

• A Bottle (preferably 2 liter)
• A bucket (deep enough to submerge the bottle almost to top)
• Knife/Scissors (For cutting -what else?)
• Tinfoil
• Herb
• Lighter

Now that you’ve gathered all the required materials, let’s go through the step by step process to make your own gravity bong. This is a very simple technique and can be adapted to different sizes, the principle remains constant. So here we go!

Step 1 – Cut the Bottle
The first thing you’ll need to do is to cut the 2-liter bottle at the bottom. You have to completely remove the bottom for this to work. I usually start off with a knife to make the incision and then finish it off with scissors. Why? Because at times, when using a knife, you can leave jagged edges and for me personally it isn’t very aesthetically pleasing. Once you have removed the bottom part, it’s on to the next phase.

Step 2 – Make the Bowl
Now, grab the tinfoil you have and fold it into a square. Use only 2 folds as folding it more will make it difficult to shape later on. In the video you’ll see how the tinfoil should be folded for optimal “bending”.

Step 3 – Shape the Bowl
Using your thumb to make the shape of the bowl, wrap the tinfoil around it. Make sure that the bowl is wide enough to cover the entire “lip” of the bottle. Insert the tinfoil bowl over the lip of the bottle and continue to make the shape. I must warn you to not make the bowl too deep, as you can pull some monster hits from a simple gravity bong. If you like monster hits, make the bowl as deep as you want.

Step 4 – Poking holes
Now that you have shaped the bowl, you need to poke a few holes in the tinfoil. I used the tip of the knife, but toothpicks work much better as the holes are uniform. The problem with the knife is that you have to be careful as pressing too hard might make a slit, and that’s not what you want. I have done this a thousand times and thus a knife served the purpose, however if you have shaky hands…then use a toothpick.

Step 5 – Loading the Bowl
You’re almost set! In this step you simply take your grinded herbs and pack the bowl. Do this before continuing to the next step and read the next steps VERY CAREFULLY!

Step 6 – Fill the bucket with Water
Now you grab your bucket and fill it with water. Fill it to the top and make sure that when you submerge the gravity bong, that the water almost reaches the lip of the bottle. An inch or so of air between the lip of the bottle and the water is perfect.

Step 7 – Prepare to toke!
Before you can light up you have to submerge the bottle and the bowl into the water. To do this, you first insert the bottle without the bowl and then add the bowl later. The reason you want to do this is because if you have the bowl attached to the gravity bong before inserting the bottle, the air pressure will shoot up through the bowl and blow out your weed. Thus, first insert the bottle and add the bowl later.

Step 8 – Light it up!
Now that everything is set up, you simply have to hold the lighter above the bowl and slowly pull the bottle upwards. A slow, steady pull will suck in the flame and light the bowl. As you pull the gravity bong upwards, the chamber will fill with smoke. Once you almost completely pulled the bottle out (don’t pull it out completely), remove the bowl, put your lips on the lip of the bottle and push down. This will shoot all the smoke into your lungs giving you a powerful toke with minimal effort.

There you have it – A GRAVITY BONG!

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  1. Man about the 2nd or 3rd time that I smoked my friends told me that they wanted me to try this and I didn't know what I was getting myself into so thinking I was a bad ass and all I decided to try and and I was sooooo high just off my first hit was pretty incredible

  2. its called a punisher idk what this gravity bong bullshit is and its usually a 1L bottom poked holes in a bigger top cut off 2L daaamn tf

  3. Great video except use a metal socket instead of tinfoil. Tin foil burns like mother fucker and is really really bad to inhale.

  4. Would a trumpet mouth piece function as a bowl??? Instead of using tin foil because people say not to. Just curious because I have multiple mouth pieces for a trumpet.

  5. aye everyone keeps saying not to use tinfoil, but not giving other options. what's some other stuff that could be used that you probably have at your house already

  6. Tinfoil is only bad if u smoke out of it EVERY SINGLE DAY if u only do it a couple times a week you should be fine

  7. He clearly lives in a state were its illegal i live in a state that its illegal and i can get wayyyy better shit

  8. To all the people saying dont use tinfoil, tinfoil doesn't burn from a flame of a lighter. We cook with tinfoil at 400 degrees, burning weed through it is fine.

  9. I use a glass gravity bong as my daily driver, tinfoil included. Tinfoil obviously isn’t the best thing to smoke but if you burn it before using it it’ll get rid of the harshness and nasty taste.

    It’s overreacted, the chemicals won’t actually burn until a very high heat, nowhere near what a lighter could do.

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