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Let’s be honest. Junk food tastes better than vegetables. That’s why we crave it! We wish we could magically turn junk food into completely healthy food. But we had to settle for ways to elevate the health factor on some of our favorite junk foods instead. By putting a twist on our favorite treats and snacks, we found a way to make it fun. Now you can get some nutrition in the mix without taking away your favorite guilty pleasure foods. We hope you’re hungry!

Apple French Fries

If you love McDonald’s french fries as much as we do, but hate the extra calories and fat, we got you covered. We found a fun way to cut the junk in half. First, cut the top off an apple and carefully hollow out the inside. Use a spoon to get all the extra pieces. Now you’ve got an apple bowl. Next, take a second apple and cut it in half. Cut out the core and peel it. Then slice it. Now, stack the slices and cut them into french fry shaped pieces. Now add the apple fries to your apple bowl, and go ahead and toss in a few french fries. You can even carve an M into the front of your apple container to make them look like real McDonald’s french fries. We’re loving it!


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  1. She sounds so sassy like one of those girls that go crazy on diets if you think about it your still eating junk food like…. tf? Oh and how are mm's good for your soul?

  2. Oh and I was really looking forward to loosing weight but this got way out of hand and disgusting!

    Some maybe yummy but EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

  3. These are either gross or not healthy at all. Like the watermelon pizza. All you need to do is cut the watermelon into pizza shapes.

  4. The mc donald french fries made out of apples will just make me crave the real mc donald french fries cause they test %100000000000 different

  5. Your tone sounds like a sassy spoiled selfish popular girl. I'm a teen with no friends so I notice things like this

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