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How To Make Money On Google – 6 Secret Strategies

How to make money on Google is about 6 strategies that you can use to make money online using Google properties and products.

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Here are the 6 strategies we look at in the video.

1. Ranking Websites using SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
Getting your website to the top of the Google search engine. The higher up you are on page 1 of Google the more chance you have of people coming to your website and purchasing what ever you have to sell them.

2. Adsense on website and Adsense on Youtube
Though the Google Adsense program you can display Google adverts on your website or ads on your Youtube video and if someone comes a long and clicks on those ads, Google will pay you a small commission. Here’s some more information on Google Adsense

3. Adwords to website/affiliate offer
This strategy is about actually paying Google to display your advert on the top of the search engine. You are not making money directly from Google here but you are using one of their services to make money. Just like the SEO example if you are at the top of the search engine your chances of getting a customer to your website increases dramatically.

4. Youtube free video’s to affiliate offers
Youtube is owned by Google so this method fits. Create Youtube video’s for free and in your description you can link out to an affiliate offer where you are paid a commission if someone buys something or you can link out to your own website and monetise that way.

5. Paid Youtube ads to offer
This is the same as number 3 but instead of paying to be at the top of the Google search engine, you can pay to have your offer displayed in front of other people’s video’s and you can link out to affiliate offers or your own website that sells your goods.

6. Sell apps in the play store
Simply selling your own premium apps on the Google Play app store
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