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Hi! I’m Rachel, and welcome to my little pocket of the internet. I’m a wife, mom of 2 (a three year old girl and an under 1 year old boy), and chocolate chip cookie addict. Here you’ll find NEW VIDEOS EVERY SATURDAY around MOM LIFE, HOME DECOR, ORGANIZATION, LIFE HACKS, TESTING RECIPES & MORE! Latest videos here:

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Pinterest Hacks Tested Series

1. Are you married?
Yes! My husband Chris and I got married in 2012. Here’s our wedding video:

2. How many kids do you have?
Two! 🙂 My daughter Julia turned 4 in September, and my son Luke turns 2 in January! Here are my pregnancy vlogs if you’re interested! 🙂

3. Why don’t you show your family in your videos?
Chris and I decided to let THEM make the decision whether or not they want to be in videos when they’re older. We really appreciate all your support and love for our decision! We did introduce everyone to Julia when she was 2 months old ( and Luke here:

Mastermind, Academic, Slot Guru, Travel Junkie, Lana Del Ray's Botox Injector. I make up a dream in my head before I go to bed.


  1. I am wearing a super tight face mask right now and when Chris said “now you really have nothing to wear” I tried to laugh but my mask mask restricted me lol

  2. I do it all the time & even a lot when I’m not even trying!! TIP: What I do is put it in the freezer and leave it for a few hours depending on 1. How cold you’re freezer is and 2. How cold the drink is. When you find what time amount works best you take the drink out while it appears to be liquid and right before it would turn to ice. Then you hit it on the counter and walah! Slushy! (you can even use water if you don’t drink soda)

  3. The milk foam thing works but instead of shaking you have to blend the milk to incorporate lots of air in it then microwave for 45 secs to a min

  4. I just ordered a milk frother off of amazon and it’s great and I don’t have to mess with shaking jars. Lol

  5. I do the milk frothing trick ALL the time to make tea lattes I love it! Warm the milk first THEN shake….. LOTS. Also, use a little less milk.

  6. The ravioli was a bust because you have to have raw dough for the pieces to properly “glue” together. 🙂

  7. I'll suggest using less milk and I think it will froth, I made wipping cream with this technique so i;m guessing it will work

  8. I always do the frothed milk in the jar! I use less milk, heat up for a minute with a little sugar and vanilla and then shake after!


    Also my cats name is Mango so every time you said Mango she looked up very confused.

  10. If you shake up hot milk the froth stays ive tried it maybe you can also use a whisk I know it sounds wierd but it works way better

  11. I haven’t watched the part all the way through so this may have been discovered but with the mango the glass needs to be as thin as possible

  12. For an easy frothed milk hack use a French press!!! warm up some milk, then put it in your French press. Pump it a bunch of times and voila! so easy and fast, and it's super frothy!

  13. Thank you so much I love your personality it just brightens my day. I’d love a household cleaning hack.

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